Movies in the Park Picnic

Date Info: 
Biltmore’s Movie in the Park
Price: Free
Location: Biltmore Shopping Center- right in the middle!
One of our favorite things to do when the weather cools down is hit up a free movie at the Biltmore Movies in the Park. We couldn’t resist the vintage thriller To Catch a Thief.

You basically go grab a spot with a lawn chair, blanket, or both, and enjoy the movie with a crowd.

We decided this would be a great group date, so we had five couples total pitch in and bring picnic food to share and enjoy together.

Can I recommend bruschetta for a picnic food? We love a toasted baguette, ricotta cheese, a little fig jam, and some prosciutto on top. It’s an easy way to make a picnic feel more gourmet. Between that and the fur vest, I was ready to fit in with the Scottsdale socialites that attend this event.


We couldn’t have asked for a nicer night!


Seriously if you’re in Arizona look this up, they have several left this season, and will bring in a spring season in February too!


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  1. Mmm I love me some biltmore! I used to work like across the street from there when I was at Make-A-Wish. There is a puppy/cat adoption/rescue place in that mall. Steer clear or you'll be angsty and depressed the rest of the day that you didn't get to take all the animals back to your loving home.

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