Four Places I Work to Help Bend the Rules and Spark Creativity

This post is brought by a partnership with HP and Meghan Trainor, but all opinions are my own. 

I lead an interesting work life, and I definitely love it! By day I work as a project manager in web and app development focusing on the technical and strategic side of marketing, budgets, and contracts. By night and weekend I turn into an official blogger unleashing my creative side with writing, photography, picture editing, new ideas and experiences, and social media. I feel like the two balance my life perfectly and keep me super happy exploring all interests and all sides of my brain.

Both require a lot of creativity and flexibility. Not only with creation, but with actual work, process, and problem solving. It takes a lot of out-of-the box thinking to be in the Internet industry, and sometimes I need to find ways to help encourage innovation and creativity.

I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work remotely often, and to have the freedom to work where and how I want on all things blogging, and I’ve found sometimes just changing up my space and bending the rules of how I work can make all the difference!

Here are four places that help me take my HP x360 and use all four of its modes to inspire more creativity:

1. Coffee Shops

I know, you saw that one coming, but it’s cliche for a reason! I am not even a coffee drinker and I feel so inspired by going to a place with delicious smells, delicious snacks, creative hipsters, and soft Indie music.

2. The Couch

Just leaving the desk and going to another room does wonders for my soul. I love sitting with legs crossed in a comfy place. I swear just by moving by body to a new position and location I feel the blood flow and my creativity sparked!

3. The Park

When I need to work on social media in particular, nature helps me feel inspired while still catching up on all things technical. I find a good hotspot to enjoy, and I can go for hours getting my vitamin D and enjoying my work time.

4. On the Floor

Sometimes a new angle is all I need. I start to look at the colors and angles of my house different, I catch different lighting, and I feel some deep connection with my inner child playing on the ground. I also feel like my HP x360 is stable in tent mode and I can look at my work from a new angle too.

It’s awesome to bend the rules of the “chained to a desk” stereotype, and I’m glad the HP x360 bends computer rules by functioning as a traditional computer, tablet, tent, and stand.

Be sure to check out HP with Megan Trainor‘s That Bass Tour #bendingtherules by showing the tour through the eyes of influencers.

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