A Night in Paris: Adult Church Dance

Date Info: 
Adult Church Sponsored Dance 
Price: Free for participants, the church funded the event 
Between my Instagram post today and tonight’s blog post I know my Mormon is showing pretty hard. Stick with me though, I promise it’s worth it! 
Let me give you some background: From age 14-18 Mormon youth and their friends are provided with a pretty cool opportunity to go to Stake dance- a dance sponsored by a stake, which is a group of several congregations in a regional area. It gives them a chance to meet other faithful youth to befriend and date, bring friends who want in on all the fun Mormon youth activities, and basically have a lot of good clean fun line dancing and finding someone to dance with during slow songs. 
Every now and then a stake will get a genius idea to hold one of these for adults as a free date night. We actually crashed one with my SIL and brother a few years ago, it was 80’s themed and awesome. It’s really hard to pass up getting your grove on with your spouse and relive your teenage nostalgia simultaneously. Plus, free, so even harder to say no to. 

Unlike when youth are in charge, adults are really amazing at decorating. We honestly expected a cheesy dance in a cultural hall, but showed up to find they had pulled out all the stops- even a red carpet and projection of one of our favorite Paris scenes.

They even had a Prom-style photo booth with the amazing Photography-Hill hired to crank out couple’s shots. We tried to channel our inner Parisians by looking vogue. Jacob needs more practice. 

Take two went better.

The dance floor looked amazing, they even decorated small shops with refreshments. Here was my favorite one.

Our one snarky joke was that they missed one major detail- there just weren’t any homeless men urinating anywhere. This was something we saw at almost every subway stop, and we actually identified which stop to get off at for our hotel by a resident homeless man asleep on the same bench each night. Public restrooms also aren’t really a thing in Paris, so the smell is a combination of delicious baked bread and urine. I’m just giving you reality friends so you can go and see the amazing things of Paris and not be too shocked by the smell and subways.

In our stake’s defense, no one has made a candle of that scent just yet, so I guess it’s okay they kept the romantic dream Americans have.

The giant Eiffel Tower in the middle was an excellent touch! But what I loved seeing even more was the all couples either cutting a rug together to music from all decades, or slowly dancing and smiling and laughing together. I think some couples just don’t date or get out much, and watching them out alone without children reminded how much love is in the world and how many happy marriages there are. I just kept smiling at all the smiles, particularly from the elderly couples who have been married so decades.

The YMCA also reminded me that my love for themed dances will never die. It’s like riding a bike friends, you can always get you groove back.

These were a blast as a teenager, but I have to admit dancing with the same cute boy all night to fast and slow songs alike beats the hundreds I went to as a teen any day.

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