Anniversary #4 Photoshoot: Part 1

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We had this crazy idea our first anniversary that we should take family pictures every year around our anniversary. The plan is to have a wall in our home someday full of pictures showing us age each year and our family growing and changing. I love a lot of the traditions we’ve made together, but I think this one may take the cake for me! We do two outfit changes- a more formal and a more casual, and we like to take a chalkboard with us and write up the top events from the year. That post is coming tomorrow, and it was a good fourth year so stay tuned! 
Today I’m happy to share our favorite casual pics taken by our dear friend who has done this for us every year, even the year we were engaged, Anne Marie


Because so many have asked here’s the links to where I got my outfit: 
Shirt: Anthropologie, Skirt: Forever21 (similar), Shoes: Toms
Here’s a few blasts from the past: 

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  1. I would LOVE to do something like this even once, but my hubby isn't much for photo sessions. Thankfully, his mom wrestles him into one every few years, so in ten years of marriage, I've managed to get two family portraits that I love. You're a lucky woman!

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