Pregnancy Update: 15 Weeks

15 Weeks 
Baby is the size of an orange
Dress: Amazon, Belt: Forever21 (similar), Sandals: Modcloth
Feeling: I had another great week! One terrible headache day, but other than that I’m feeling well! Baby is letting me eat more variety of food and having less of an opinion, so the aversions/cravings have gone down and I’m grateful! 

Body Changes: I gained 2 lbs this week, apparently my body is big on grabbing those lbs early in a new trimester. I fear they are going to my face, I feel like it’s a little more round and swollen and I’m not enjoying that part. I know it’s not terrible, but I think we’re the first to pick apart anything on our own bodies. There was a lot more cramping and aching this week. It made working out a little harder and getting up from the floor a little rough too. 

Sleeping:  It was great to not be traveling and enjoy my own bed! I’m also waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom only a few times a week, so I’m thrilled about that! 

Fitness: I felt pretty awesome when I went running with a friend who was staying with us while in town and after she turned to me and said, “Well pregnant lady, you still kicked my butt!” I feel like I’m going much slower and it’s getting a little harder to breathe. I also gagged and almost vomited that run because it was garbage day and the smell of each trash can early in the morning just set me off! I guess it was motivation to speed up and get them over with faster! 
I’m not sure if pregnancy or allergies or a combination are the culprits, but I’ve found myself walking a little more as I struggle to breathe. 

Craving: Lemonade has sounded great every single day this week! We had an AZ Blogger Meetup at Peixoto Coffee in Chandler and I got a fresh lemongrass lemonade and almost died of pure joy! I even finished off my sister’s lemonade at the event. Liquids in general always sound good, but lemonade, water, and milk are always craved! 
I’m also feeling like baby loves some protein, and meat is sounding good which is a nice change from the first trimester! 

Baby Updates: 
The joints and limbs can all move, which is pretty cool! 
We haven’t had an ultrasound now for almost two weeks, and being so spoiled in the past has made me really ready to see this little person again! My sister-in-law is a saint and even though she isn’t working much this month, she is going to pull some strings and get us in before patients arrive later this week. She said we can be pretty confident with the gender at this point- so at 15.5 weeks we’re going to find out what it officially is! We are so excited we can’t stand it! We have a gender reveal photo shoot scheduled with our talented amazing friend Lydia, so we will be sharing the news with the world in the next week or so. And I will probably go crazy buying baby clothes because I know I can’t resist once I know! 

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  1. The bathroom waking up thing is the worst!!! I'm up 2-5 times a night and I can't figure out how to control the number of times. Right now, it kind of depends on how much baby moves. I'll go the bathroom and two minutes later he'll move funny punch my bladder and I have to go again. 😛 It's so pathetic! Joe mocks me…. haha I can't wait to find out what you're having! I'm guessing girl!

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