Anniversary Inn: Swiss Family Robinson Room

When I was in college one of my best friends from high school had an interesting job- she worked at a themed hotel called the Anniversary Inn in Utah. Each room is decorated with a unique theme, and it’s quite the hot spot for wedding nights, stay-cations, and of course, anniversaries. She was never shy on hilarious stories and awkward requests from guests.
Shortly after Jacob and I got married we had a conversation about the most interesting places our friends had worked, and naturally this came up. I told him how I’d always actually thought it may be fun to go to this place on a quirky getaway, if we were ever in Utah or Idaho near one of the locations.
We were saving all our vacation time for Italy, but thought we’d still love to escape for a weekend somewhere for our anniversary this year, and that is when Jacob asked my thoughts on heading to Salt Lake City and booking a room a the Anniversary Inn. And thus it was, a quirky and fun anniversary experience was set!
He let me choose the room, so I went for the most over-the-top themed cheesy room I could find!
The Swiss Family Robinson room it was! There was a tree house to sleep in.

And also hang out and watch movies in.

The shower was a waterfall, which was a pretty fun experience in itself!


And our breakfast nook felt very exotic. The graffiti names kept things extra classy.

I do have to say that the jetted tub felt excellent on my pregnant muscles! I may have had a rough night getting down the steps to use the bathroom and feel very lucky there were no spills and baby Whiting is still in tact. However, that tub made up for any scare and stair rail clinging in the night!

The breakfast was even pretty good, and we really enjoyed staying in such a quirky place! I’m pretty sure we’ll go back, only if I’m pregnant, we’ll find a bed with less stairs and hazard potential!

Has anyone else stayed here or another themed hotel? I’d love to hear all about where and your experiences since this was such a unique experience for us!

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  1. My two cents on The Anniversary Inn (which is literally blocks from my house): at a bridal shower in my early 20's several girlfriends were talking about their wedding night experiences, not too graphic, but about hotels and travel and blah blah blah. The bride-to-be mentioned they were staying at The Anniversary Inn in XYZ-themed room, and another friend excited exclaimed that she and her husband had stayed in that same room a few months earlier, and then another girl (who was only friends with the bride) said that just a few weeks ago she and her new husband had spent their wedding night in that same room. And I immediately got a case of The Skeezes. Not that I believe I am the first user of every hotel mattress, but the idea that all three of these girls had awkward first-time sex on, literally, the same mattress just gave me a case of the heebie jeebies. And I decided I would probably be okay in life without ever staying at The Anniversary Inn. 馃檪


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