Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks

23 Weeks 
Baby is the size of a grapefruit
Dress: DownEast Basics (similar, similar), Shoes: Last Chance (similar) Necklace: (similar

Feeling: A little tired, but I’ve worked hard doing home projects and cleaning all week long, so totally reasonable! I’m had a lot of energy, and I guess I am just using as much as possible to prep everything in my life right now. Nesting- apparently it’s a real thing! 

Body Changes: I gained a lb. this week, I think my belly grew several inches (I swear it) and definitely got rounder! I’m still lucky to not see stretch marks, and grateful that even though I haven’t taken the gestational diabetes test, I at least feel pretty sure I don’t have it, even with my insulin resistance. They’ve kept me on my medication throughout pregnancy, and I’m so grateful! 

One random change- I have a sister with three kids who swears her hair changed color to match their hair color with each pregnancy. All her kids are blond, but have different shades and textures. If I’m anything like her I think I’m also having a Blondie! I’ve been getting this fun little highlight in my hair that is looking blonder each time I look. 
I’m also swelling. I’m wearing my ring less these days and my fake more. I also worked so hard on Memorial Day on home projects I actually went and got a pedicure just to help with the foot swelling. I’m convinced that’s God’s gift to pregnant women, because it felt amazing and totally worked! My feet were back to normal in a few hours. 
Sleeping: Like a rock this week! Apparently all that hard work during the day is wiping me out enough to sleep through the night every night! 
Fitness: I’ve fit in some walks and done some resistance, but I’ve mostly been using all my time and energy to fix up the house, clean, pack up some stuff, and haul stuff away. I am counting it as a workout because my feet have swollen most nights, so clearly I’m doing something wrong! 
Craving: This was the first week where nothing was too strong. He’s wanting healthier food these days and produce is always sounding good, particularly summer fruit. I’m not downing cereal every day for the first time. I’d say Caesar salad has been a craving. We had it on Sunday at a family dinner and when we ran out I felt like crying. I’ve consumed quite a bit this week! 

Baby Updates: I’m still feeling a lot of movement, particularly after I down a cold glass of chocolate milk. There’s even pronounced kicks- and they are getting stronger! 

Apparently this is the week his face is done forming and he’s ready to put some fat on. I am bracing myself to get bigger each week, but really, I’m down to only 17 weeks which I know will fly by! It’s probably time this skinny little guy put on some weight! 

He has eyebrows and eyelashes now, and is forming nipples- yep, thank you pregnancy app for that one! I’m amazed to peek ahead and see from here it’s mostly just growing big enough and getting fat enough. I can’t believe I’m only about a month from the 3rd trimester, it’s kind of amazing what a little miracle these babies are and how quickly they develop! 

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  1. What a lovely mom you'll be and it brings back memories of long ago, though now my son is 30. Great post! Hugs…

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