Baby Wearing With Nesting Days and a Giveaway!

As a marketing girl there are a few things that I can’t look at with a normal lens- packaging, sidebar ads (who is retargeting me and what the?), sporting events, and baby products. I was kind of amazed how much stuff is listed as MUST HAVE items. I kept thinking how I’d visited third-world countries with babies and they all seem fine without a certain high chair, electronic swing, or fancy stroller. Of course there were a few things on our list that I knew were luxury items, but I really tried to keep this list small.

A baby carrier was one thing I knew I’d likely splurge on. I’m a mover and a doer, and it’s hard to sit still- even when only a few days postpartum. I started the search and it seemed like everyone had strong opinions on what were the best and what were the worst and why. I have a fancy one ready for a bigger baby, but I think there’s a huge hole in the market for newborn options outside of wraps. In all honesty, I didn’t think I needed a newborn carrier and figured they were small and easy to carry in one arm while I went about some chores and every day life.

I have a friend who works with Nesting Days and reached out asking if I’d be willing to review a carrier. She told me they were different and meant for newborns and the first few months only. If you haven’t noticed I’m not a huge review person blogging, they often feel too sales-y and a lack of authenticity. However, since it was a friend and since I already knew baby wearing would be a thing for me I figured I’d go ahead and try a Nesting Days carrier out. She also let me know to be brutally honest, even if I hated it.

Nesting Days Carrier promo code FridayLove

First thought when it arrived- skepticism. What makes a Nesting Days carrier different from the rest?A shirt that’s a carrier? Promoting skin-to-skin contact? It seemed a little odd to me and I feared pretty quickly I wouldn’t be helping my friend out doing a review.

One week after Mack was born I pulled it out and put him in. The head should be tucked in, but he has strong feelings against that so we pop it out and go with it. I was actually in shock the first time I wore it. I made waffles- WAFFLES! From scratch with homemade syrup, and sat down to eat with a snuggly baby that always wanted to be held happy to snooze and snuggle up to me while awake- calm and happy. I realized I could get things done, and it was amazing!

I’m sure lots of carriers feel that way, but I have to say the skin-to-skin was what was really amazing. It started cooling off the week after he was born, and suddenly he was cold all the time. In the carrier I could regulate his temperature and help him feel secure. I could calm him down quickly. I could bond with him, and I seriously loved how easy it was to throw on a bra and my carrier and still look like I was fully clothed.

I’ve had a snuggly baby since day one. He’s held my hand nursing since the first time he latched, he loves to be held and often gets fussy when I haven’t held him for a while. He calms down when I pick him up, and sometimes that’s at the time we need to get dinner on the table or I’m trying to finish some other pressing task. He loves my heartbeat, he has always positioned his head to have his ear over my heart. I couldn’t believe how much he loved being in this carried right up against my heart.

So in all honesty, I don’t think I’d looked at a Nesting Days carrier as an option before trying it, but after trying a few different baby wearing options this honestly ended up being both mine and baby’s favorite by far! I’d actually move this to the necessity list, if you’re someone like me who is on the go and still has a baby who really needs their snuggles and close time with their mommy!

Nesting Days Carrier

And I have some really exciting news- They rarely do any kind of discount of promo, but they are offering a Nesting Days discount code for $5 off any carrier to Friday We’re in Love Readers. Use this Nesting Days promo code for the discount: FridayLove.

And even more exciting- they are going to give any carrier of our choice to one lucky Friday We’re in Love reader! Follow the widget below for entries. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I am 20 weeks pregnant and this sounds awesome. I am so overwhelmed with all things baby right now! I love the black polka dot one!

  2. I'm not trying to win the carrier, however I noticed in most of the pics the baby's head is drooping to the side with no support. Maybe it's an old wives tale but I was always told to support the baby's head, and I did. Just a thought.

  3. I would love to use this with my daughter! I like the baby blue organic lyrica blend. Glad to see a carrier that stands out, not the same as the other material covers just a different name.

  4. These sound amazing! Can't wait to try it out with my little one! And I would choose the black one! How long can you use it? Is there an age or size of you baby when you should stop?

  5. I think the baby blue one with the polka dots is too cute to boot! I'd love to win a NestingDays carrier as a nice “you're finally pregnant after infertility” present. Of course, I still have a few more says in the two week wait before finding out for sure, but how fun would that be? Whether it's my biological child or one that we adopt, skin to skin and bonding in those early days is so important! Thanks for the review!

  6. I am totally terrified to have my baby in April with a very active toddler running around. I really need a baby wrap to bond with my newborn while being mobile enough for my toddler. Heaven help me. Anyways, I really like all the different wraps, it's so hard to pick! I like neutral colors so it can “match” with my wardrobe.

  7. I am totally terrified to have my baby in April with a very active toddler running around. I really need a baby wrap to bond with my newborn while being mobile enough for my toddler. Heaven help me. Anyways, I really like all the different wraps, it's so hard to pick! I like neutral colors so it can “match” with my wardrobe.

  8. I've been given two carriers but they both hurt my shoulders so bad I just never got into baby wearing. I always wondered if a cloth close wrap type like this would be different and with a new little one coming and a busy life I'd really like something!

  9. I wish I would have had this when Vivienne was born…I love, love, love this skin-to-skin too. I would totally get the basic black one!

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