Boatloads of Sushi

Date Info: 
Price: $22 per person  
Location: Mido Sushi, Chandler, AZ 

When it’s the month of a half the birthdays in your family, you make it a large family group date and you go somewhere that you can order literal boatloads of sushi.

We love Mido Sushi in Chandler- $22 for all-you-can-eat, and it’s actually pretty great quality! Oh and by we I mean me and my family, Jacob doesn’t do this deal, he gets Ramen, and he supports me and my eat-more-fish-than-I-paid-for dreams when it’s my birthday month.

Kids stay home, but babies are welcome, and I just love two things about my baby captured in this picture:
1. His date night shirt from Thred-Up that makes him look like a stylish tiny bald man. (It was basically free BTW, $10 referral at sign up for you and the person who refers you! Just saying if anyone wants to use my code I won’t be sad…)
2. He always smiles and laughs at the selfie camera, and now does the same at other baby’s faces. He already loves his cousin who is one month older than he is, he always holds her hand or looks at her and smiles. She’s tiny, he’s huge, and I can’t wait to see her come up to arm pit and him protect her as they grow up together.

Sushi, babies, an amazing light show that says a bunch of nonsensical words with “Happy Birthday!” added in, and lots of family equal the perfect family birthday celebration.

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