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I can’t believe this was one year ago today- time really does fly and goes even faster when they are on the outside! We’re still in awe that this little miracle is ours, and it’s such a sweet memory to the joy we had sharing with our families!
One of the best parts of being a part of a large family who mostly all live in the same metro is that you have a lot of people pulling for you, praying for you, and loving you at all times. My family has all told me they pray for me nightly, even my young nieces and nephews. They’ve all wanted us to be able to have kids for years, and we knew sharing the news would be a very happy moment!
When my dad decided to have a family dinner to celebrate his birthday we knew he wouldn’t mind us stealing a little bit of his thunder and sharing grandchild #14 was on the way.
We set up a camera and told everyone we wanted to take a group shot to remember the moment. Jacob “set up” the camera and told everyone to say, “Happy Birthday Grandpa” with the timer taking a few pics. He then went to check the lighting and said we needed to do it again. He set it up to take several pictures in a row so we could capture the moment.
He sat back down and said, “Okay everyone say, “CAMILLE IS PREGNANT!”

My parents heard it first and we had literal jaw drops. We got a second reaction with my mom saying, “Really?” And I said, “Yes really!”

And then it set in at different times for everyone. There was cheering, hands raised, gasps, clapping, and a lot of smiles!

And then there were a lot of happy tears! I think the most came from the grandparents. My dad came up and told me that was the best birthday present he could have asked for! Lots of hugs, lots of questions, and lots more happy tears!

Prayers are answered, and it was a really sweet moment to share this little miracle based on prayers on our behalf with all but one family on my side in such a fun way!

We even found the video we attempted to take of it, hopefully this helps bring some of the emotion and the magic of this special moment to life!

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