4 Months

25 inches, 15 lbs 13 oz
83% height, 24% weight

Things I Never Want to Forget:
– The smile I get when I go to pick him up from his crib
– He consistently hugs me every time I pick him up
– Laughing, oh goodness it’s the cutest thing ever, and he gave me his first prolonged deep belly laugh for my birthday!
– Watching him at Alt Summit, the ladies were gaga over him, and he smiled and charmed them all like a boss. He just loves smiling faces and can’t resist smiling back, even if he is mid-cry. It’s pretty funny to watch him be so sad and then unable to control a smile between tears.
– We still let him sleep in our bed the last hour of the morning after he wakes up to eat. He still smiles the cutest smile when we pull him in and he realizes he gets to snuggle mom and dad. He typically snuggles mom first and even falls asleep spooning me. He rolls to his side and puts his leg over mine wrapped around it. This kid is the biggest snuggle junkie and it’s so cute!
– He rolls over like a champ from one side to another.
– At his four month appointment the doctor went on to tell me all the development stages I should be looking for, and stopped after a few and said, actually I’ve seen him do them all during this appointment already except one- so good job on this advanced, athletic kid!

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