5 Mom-Friendly Easter Dresses Under $50


I’ve been amazing how my entire wardrobe has had to change as I’ve become a mom- there’s a lot of spit-up and clothes washing and the need to be nursing friendly. I’m amazed how few nursing lines are on the market and how hard it can be to navigate finding clothes that work for postpartum bodies! I’ve decided when I hit the jackpot on a site and find piece that will actually work, I’m going to pass those along and sharing mom-friendly styles, particularly those that are affordable!
And in full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links.

This dress is the right shade of pink that most people can pull off, it’s got a fun texture to mix things up, and it’s a nursing-friendly shirt dress- so much winning
This dress has a fun spring print that will hide stains and it’s super easy to wash. It’s Tiffany Blue which always is a winner in my book, and it’s nursing friendly!
I can’t get over the fact that this dress is from Target, super affordable, super modest, and it’s from a soft, jersey t-shirt fabric. I have a few crew neck shirts from this fabric that are stretchy enough to nurse with, and I’m willing to bet this one would be too! Even if not, can you imagine all the dirty hand particles you could hide with this one?
I love that maxi dresses are still around this spring and summer, because sometimes you just need a dress you can bend in any way, squat down in, and lift kids up in without any fear of exposure! This cute spring print is a lot of fun, once again hides messes well, and the stretchy neck makes it nursing friendly too!

This dress merges a lot of fun trends- the hi-low, the boho, and the embroidered floral trim. It’s low neck enough it would work for many bodies nursing, but it works for all as easily machine-washable, and the crinkle fabric hides spit-up well.

The best part is if you can’t decide Target has a BOGO 50% off right now, so it’s pretty easy to justify two! Thank you Target for doing it again, and making finding mom-friendly pieces that are stylish affordable just in time for Easter. Maybe there’s a reason we all turn to you for an escape when we get an hour alone in life…

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