Nursing Friendly Styles With Stitch Fix

I’ve tried Stitch Fix twice before, once when I was struggling to find stylish pregnancy clothes, and once when I was struggling to dress my postpartum body. Once again, my changing body and busy schedule have made shopping more difficult, and I love that I can turn to Stitch Fix to help me out! For those who are new to Stitch Fix it’s a delivery service where you fill out a profile detailing what types of pieces you like/your style, and you let you stylist hand pick five perfect items for you. You come away with totally unique pieces that match your lifestyle! The $20 up front fee can be applied to any clothes you purchase, and anything you don’t like you can send back without any charge to you. It’s a great gig for anyone too busy to shop, looking for fun items, in a style rut, or just wants to be more adventurous. Stitch Fix came to my rescue once again to help me find some great pieces that are nursing friendly.

I have no idea why nursing clothing is so hard to find and there are such limited resources, but I’m thankful to every company that makes stylish clothing that can work! I’ve been pretty set for my day-to-day, but I have been on the hunt for some fun pieces to wear for date night looks. My only complaint is I would have loved some more color and fun detail, but that may be a unicorn ask with nursing-friendly items. I think they did a fantastic job helping me find some fun Spring pieces I can feel great in and still use when we bring the baby along.

I let myself keep 1 piece from each fix, and I need your help deciding what is the lucky winner from this fix!

1. Wrap Dress- It’s pretty, it’s fun, it’s going to keep me cooler in the AZ weather, and it’s super nursing friendly which is hard to find in a dress!

2. Floral Top- It’s fun, it’s colorful, it’s fairly universal. The only downside is it’s sheer so I have to wear another shirt with it which is tough in the hot summer months.

3. Navy Skirt- This is surprisingly stretchy and structured, which is hard to find! It’s classic, but has a slight twist. Not sure I’m totally digging the fit, but it wins for a great professional/mom combo.

4. Polk Dot Top- This is similar to one I already own, but really, can you have enough polka dot tops?

5. When I first pulled out this mixed print chambray top I wasn’t sure it was me, and then I put it on. It’s soft, comfortable, a great fit, a lot of fun, a classic, and super breezy for summer. It would hid spit up stains, look great with a dressier look, and still work as a great piece of a mom uniform.

So there you have it friends, nursing friendly clothes that are actually fun and current! Let me know in the comments or via email your favorite piece and what you think I should keep.

Also, if you haven’t tried Stitch Fix I’d highly recommend it- particularly if you’re feeling like you’re struggling to find the right pieces to fit your current stage of life!

*Disclosure: I make a small referral credit when you sign up through my referral link, which of course I will use to continue to feed my Stitch Fix love!聽

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