6 Months

 27.75 inches, 17 lbs 7 oz
89% height, 46% weight

Things I Never Want to Forget:
– This was the month he went from a baby to a wanna-be toddler almost overnight! 
Wearing mostly 9 month/ 6-12 month clothes, but skinny enough to fit in a few jeans a size smaller- he takes after his dad not his mom! 
– His second tooth came in, and we’re loving his little teeth when he smiles! 
– He took right to solids! He loved rice cereal, and he’s trying some purees. I wanted baby-led weaning to work out, but so far he’s not as interested. At least the veggies he’s tried have been a hit! 
– His babbling. He talks to his toys, he talks to me in the car, he chat after he eats- he’s found his little voice and thinks he’s having a conversation! At the same time, when he’s done, he’s done. It’s silence and you can’t get a peep out. We’re joking that he only has so many words and once he’s used them they are done! 
– He started feeling ticklish, and it’s pretty amazing to get the laughs from a tickle! 
– He started getting bored at home! It’s amazing, he used to love being home with just me and I saw such a change when I left my full-time job. Now he gets irritable if we don’t at least go for a walk. He loves to see new things, go new places, and experience new things. Even though he’s his dad’s clone he seems to have his moms sense of adventure! 
– He loves walks with all his heart! They calm him down if he’s crying, he loves seeing new things, and he almost always falls asleep at the end. 
– The world lit up for him this month. There isn’t anything he doesn’t want to look at, touch, feel, teeth on, or examine. He is into everything and we can’t keep anything within his reach without him terrorizing it! 
– He’s so excited to see us! He smiles huge when either one of us walk in the door after being away. 
– When I go to nurse him, even if he’s crying, he started smiling this huge excited smile. It cracks me up every time! 

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