One of Our Favorite Creative Date Nights at Home

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Paint your own masterpiece class at home
Price: $27-$45 per person (depending what you choose)
We may have a new favorite date night you can do from home!

If you’ve been a long time reader you know one of our favorite dates ever, and our most repeated, has been attending a BYOB guided art class at a local studio. We’re not artists, but for one night we get to pretend to be, and we’ve done it several times whenever a coupon has popped up.
One of the downsides to being new parents is the amount of time we’re able to leave the house when we do get a sitter, and some of our favorite dates like art classes have been something we’ve had to put on hold. We’ve definitely found a need to find a date night in where we can put the baby to bed and can do something in. I know we’re not alone- this is our #1 most requested type of date from readers. Apparently lots of you either have children at home and need to cut babysitting cost, have a baby hard to leave, or live in a more remote area with fewer venue options for dates. I’m glad we’ve found some great things we can do at home, and I can’t wait to share more with you!
Today’s is all about a review from a company seeking to bring date night home, and not just any date night- one of our all-time favorites!

Painting to Gogh reached out and asked if we’d like to try their service for an honest review, and I was like, hello, date night in that isn’t just Netflix, AND one of our favorite concepts- yes we can do that! And do that we did!

Here’s how it works, They ship you a box with all you need if you choose a starter kit. This includes easels, paintbrushes, the canvas, an apron, and paint. You can also choose an essentials kit that just includes the paint, canvas, and an apron if you’re already hooked up with brushes and an easel at home.

A link to a video class is sent, and you get to watch an instructor walk you through each step of the painting. We’re talking paint blending and which paint to use, to step-by-step instruction where to paint and how. Even amateurs like us can easily follow along! It’s also great that you can pause or re-watch any piece of the instruction so there’s less pressure than a traditional class and you can be OCD and get every piece in your own time if you so desire.

We thought it would be fun to turn our canvases vertical and do a painting together in tandem instead of each doing our own. It was a great test of our collaboration skills, and it was really fun to do it in tandem!

Good news, we passed the test and still like each other!

Other great news, we were able to create our own masterpiece because the instructor is really great! And did I mention no babysitting cost? Seriously, such a fun date! I’m thinking this would be a perfect one to give as a Christmas present present if you love to give experiences like we do!

Here’s the best part- they are offering a Painting to Gogh discount code to  Friday We’re in Love readers! Enter GOGHFRIDAY at checkout and a 10% discount will be applied, it’s valid today through September 26th.
Happy painting friends, and happy date night in!

*We received product in exchange for our honest review- all opinions are our own! 

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  1. I have so wanted to do something like this for a date night but I know that my husband would hate it..he's an artist, so I'd feel like he was critiquing my work and he doesn't find it relaxing or fun to do art anymore since it's his job…

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