Opening Up About Colic and Experience with the mamaRoo Infant Swing


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I’ve had such a joyous week watching some of my best friends become parents after years of hoping and praying they would have the opportunity. Seeing their joy the first two weeks on social media took me right back to our first weeks as parents and how excited we were! But something dawned on me as I’m seeing them enter week 3- that’s the week I don’t talk about very often, the week that colic appeared.

Colic, defined as a baby crying more than three hours a day for three or more days a week, was something that hit us and hit us hard. There was reflux involved, which made things worse, but poor Mack was a pretty unhappy little newborn for most of the afternoon and evening the first few months of his life. To say it was stressful as a new mom would be an understatement. Feeling like you can’t do anything to help your baby and meet their needs is one of the worst feelings.

I loved being a parent, I knew he was our miracle baby, and I didn’t ever want to cast a negative light on our gratitude and joy during this stressful time. But colic combined with postpartum hormones had me in a lot of tears, and waiting for Jacob to get home from work for some relief and some time out the door away from the screaming baby who caused me a lot of stress.

We found just a few things that really made a difference for us and helped Mack feel calm and get some sleep. Perhaps the biggest was following a few suggestions from The Happiest Baby on the Block, which gives several “S”es that pacify an upset baby. Among the ones that helped for us included the sucking using a pacifier, the swaddling which Jacob is an all-time pro at, and the swing- or the rocking motion to calm them down and help them feel like they are in the womb again. That was a particularly hard one to do for long since arms got tired quickly, but we found the rocking motion as the third and final element our baby needed to calm down after hours of crying. Sometimes a traditional swing would help, but sometimes it didn’t, and we knew he could tell the difference between the natural rocking motion parents do, and the fake vibrations and side swing machines do.

This is where an ingenious product comes into play that can be a saver for any parent who has experienced colic- or just needs to set the baby down for that matter!

The 4moms mamaRoo infant swing is the first and only swing that sways and moves like parents do. The mamaRoo infant seat features five unique motions and five speed options, and you can get a good idea how each move by checking out their super cool widget on their website. Sorry, former development project manager had to come out for a minute and give that thing mad props :)!  I also love that sound options to create white noise or connect to any MP3 device to the mamaRoo infant swing. All the speeds and sounds are controllable through their app as well, making things even more modern and convenient!

Visit here to learn about even more cool features and products!

Now that our little guy is outgrowing this precious phase we have a few thoughts to share. I have to say we really love that the mamaRoo infant seat offers full recline to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play- which is so excellent as they approach the age/development/weight limit (25 lbs). Why do they have to learn to sit up on their own? I mean I know it’s darling, but if we could use our mamaRoo infant swing for as long as he’s an infant we totally would! Also as a mom of a very tall baby, we watched him grow out of most infant seats and swings in no time, darn those tall and large Whiting genes he has! With the mamaRoo infant swing I really appreciate the modern design that works well for tall babies too- so take note anyone with tall genes that may come to fruition.

I even have a movie to show that even though Mack is getting ready to say goodbye (insert all the crying where-did-my-baby-go emojis) we stuck him to see if we could show how fast it soothes him, even as an older baby who has outgrown his colic. And the results speak for them self!
(movie link:

So parents and future parents, I have to say this really is worth the investment! For anyone with a colicky baby wondering if there’s anything that can help, I promise this is one product that can! Save your arms some strain and get this perfect infant swing that is the most effective product we found to soothe a colicky baby!

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