20 Halloween Date Ideas

With fall coming up, here is a quick list of fun date ideas for halloween- Easy Halloween Date Ideas to do this fall
I have a thing for Halloween. In fact, it is probably my favorite holiday. It’s a night you can be anything you want to be, there’s candy involved, and the slight adrenaline rush from being a little scared goes a long way. And have you read the study that the adrenaline rush helps you feel more in love and attracted to someone? I think that alone calls for a few scary dates, and even if you’re a chicken like me even a mildly scary date is in order.

I love this season so much and love to extend the holiday out as long as I can! I get ready to start having Halloween dates in September because there’s just so much to do and I really want to do all the things, all the time. So here are 20 Halloween date ideas to start now and do up through the 31st, or longer if you just can’t get enough of a little scare in your life.

1. Carve Pumpkins – Classic, fun, and you can easily do one if you’re on a budget or make this a full group date.

2. Visit a haunted house/attraction- this is one way to get the adrenaline rush!

3. Make caramel apples. In season, perfect for the non-scare loving crowd, and lend to lots of conversation.

4. Go to a corn maze, bonus if it’s haunted if you want to feel that “We should make out after this” feeling.

5. Festival Date- Pumpkin fest? Chili fest? Headless Horseman fest? There’s something unique wherever you live, and they range from family-friendly and cute to seriously creepy. Find one in your area and buy tickets early so it’s on the calendar!

6. Go see a horror movie. There is always at least one thrasher horror movie in theaters, and if that isn’t your thing, there’s almost always a thriller or kid’s version of a horror movie to see.

7.  Rent a movie at home.  I hate these horror flicks, but hello cuddle time (which I adore)! This is the classic trick I noticed early in my teenage dating career that’s code for “I’m looking for cuddle action” when I’d have a date. And it’s something I still try to put up with at least once a year to make my husband happy even though I won’t be okay in a dark room alone for three months after.

8. Plan and/or make Halloween costumes. We’re lucky we always have a couple’s party to look forward to where everyone goes all out, but even with nowhere to go the big night, it’s still fun to take some pictures. We’ve had a few years pre-marriage with just us, and we still enjoyed dressing up together.

9. Make cookies and decorate with Halloween themes. Did you see our zombie cookie night? I will hold onto those cookie cutters forever even if we move to some small apartment in Europe someday. I love them, and the cookies were hilarious!

10. Take a laptop to a creepy location and watch a scary movie (think woods, abandoned warehouse, your unfinished basement, a cemetery). It can be a classic movie.

11. Enjoy a vintage Halloween movie. We’re a bit obsessed with Hitchcock after being invited to a friend’s Hitchcock movie night. It was low-key with plenty of creepy themed food, It’s the right amount of scary and fun, and it’s a great free/cheap date that’s so fun to do alone or as a group.

12. Channel your youth camp experiences and find a place to build a bonfire and share ghost stories. S’mores and creepy tales are still just as fun as adults!

13. Listen to a creepy story podcast, once again, think of a cool location to visit.  (Find some HERE)

14. Make a Halloween-themed meal together- like dinner in a pumpkin, creepy looking food, pumpkin chili, pumpkin cookies…did I mention anything pumpkin?  I have an obsession, and if you need inspiration feel free to check out my Pumpkin Obsession Pinterest board.

15. Most local theaters do a Halloween/horror play, look into tickets! I promise you’ll find something creepy.

16. Find the urban legend in your area and go there. I can’t tell you how many places were supposed murder sights in the mountains I grew up in. In Arizona, we have a few ghosts towns with ghost tours only about two hours from Phoenix, and everywhere has something. Look up the story, re-tell, and go visit that site!

17. Attend an amusement park haunted night. These range from cute to seriously scary. But a night of zombies chasing you while getting your thrills on rides is definitely an all around adrenaline rush! With fall coming up, here is a quick list of fun date ideas for halloween- Easy Halloween Date Ideas to do this fall

18. Have a cemetery picnic. I’m all about being respectful with this one so know your boundaries, but watching the sunset in an appropriate spot is just creepy enough to make it a perfect romantic and scary Halloween date.

19. Attend a Dia De Los Muertos event. I love that these are getting more and more popular and that the makeup is becoming a bigger trend for Halloween costumes. They are all kinds of fun, and you can go casual or dress up.

20. If you’re terrible people like we are, go scare those you love. We love jumping out of piles of leaves, dressing creepy to visit our parents, setting up scary decor, etc. Sometimes it’s just fun to be on the other end of terrified and laugh a lot.

Anything else you’ve done that we’ve missed? I’d love to hear your creepy date experiences!

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