Halloween 2016 Costume Reveal

We had a really fun year with a several major publications and blogs asking to use pictures of our Halloween costumes in round up posts. It’s so flattering! It always makes me happy to hear others find something we do interesting- and I love that we’ve become someone people watch for couple’s costume ideas- what an honor!

We’ve graduated for the time being to family themed costumes, and plan to do them as long as our kids allow! I know it may be only a few years, but I’m basking in it while I can! I also have an unwritten rule that under two means a baby should be some kind of animal. I know everything is cute on a baby/toddler, but I can’t handle baby animal costumes for some reason. I secretly have dreams to make a crawling child into a turtle someday. Mack never crawled and only scooted, plus he pulled out walking last week so those dreams died long ago. It’s just something I’ll hold onto and if we get another child, I’ll see what I can do!

So based off animal costumes I went to work last year after brainstorming a lot of ideas when I needed something 3 weeks postpartum last year, and came up with a list of ideas that we just may be doing for the next several years. This was the one Jacob was most excited about, and after our lovely and talented friend Lydia of Photography-Hill agreed to do photos in costume, I have to agree that I’m pretty happy with our family costume. And maybe best of all, they come from easy-to-find items mostly from Amazon, and a few things lying around the house if you ever want to duplicate.

And feel the need to kick off this series of images with- “Rodents of Unusual Size, I don’t think they exist!”

Costume Details:
ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size Toddler Costume: Costume Set / Pants /Gray Shirt / Mocs

Wesley: Head Wrap / Mask / Shirt / Pants / Boots (shoe covers)

 Buttercup: Dress / Belt

Happy Halloween- I hope you have a safe, fun, memorable one!

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