Escape Room the Game Amazingly Fun Date Night At Home

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Price: $32- which includes 4 games for 4 different date nights!
Location: At Home/Anywhere you want!
Our number one request is ideas for dates that can easily be done at home, or can be done from any location for those readers who live in more rural areas. I get downright giddy when I find something that’s typically a big-city night-on-the-town date that is 100% comperable and can be done at home, and guys, we found one!
Have you heard of the concept of escape rooms? Essentially you get locked in a room and you solve a series of clues to try to escape before 60 minutes is up. It’s a concept that’s mostly in large cities, so a lot of people don’t get to enjoy the fun based on where they live, but I’m so excited to share an extremely clever at-home game version that brings the thrill of escape rooms home! With the Escape the Room The Game players have 60 minutes to work together, find hidden clues and to solve puzzles to escape from one of the four included rooms. That’s right, four options, so it’s a date or family activity that can be done four different times with completely different puzzles and riddles to solve. With this version to escape, players must correctly enter a four key combination into the Chrono Decoder provided solving clues to get the combinations. It really walks you through how to do it perfectly and facilities it so well that there’s not confusion while there’s plenty of challenge.

It’s definitely a cerebral activity that takes some teamwork and attention to detail, and you can almost guarantee at least a slight adrenaline rush; which is great by the way, I’ve read studies that show a little adrenaline rush helps dopamine which helps you feel more in love. So chalk this up as a romantic date, as well as a super affordable casual group date.

We loved working together and figuring out the different pieces. We really loved solving all the puzzles and escaping with 3:58 seconds to spare!

We are so excited to try the other three, and count this as one of the best at-home date nights we’ve ever had!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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