When Your Husband Gets the Greatest Tickets in the World: Hamilton Chicago

Date Info: 
Hamilton the Musical in Chicago
Price: Let’s just call this a big spender date and leave it at that!
(We did get tickets at opening price, but even getting lucky they were still in the big spender category)
Location: The Private Bank Theatre, Chicago
We’re still pinching each other to make sure this actually happened!
About five months ago Jacob sent me a text telling me he’d just made a really big purchase without consulting me. We almost always loop each other in on anything over $40, so I was a little curious what he did. Last time was for a new refrigerator that we needed, which he found a killer deal on, so I trusted this was probably something practical and a great deal as well.
He told me to check my email. I opened it up and he basically live-texted while I did. I couldn’t believe my eyes- HAMILTON TICKETS? He let me know it was ticket release day for Chicago, they still sold out in no time flat, he still spent hours refreshing, calling, and getting crafty to work the system the best he could to actually get two seats together, and WE WERE GOING!

We were so lucky to have a good friend offer to let us stay with them and to bring Mack- they would gladly watch him and let us enjoy the night. If we weren’t lucky enough to get tickets, that just sealed the deal that the stars somehow aligned. Steve and Chalise, you two are the best!

We’ve been pretty obsessed with the soundtrack listening on repeat for so long, and we had a lot of expectations and hopes for what a brand new cast would be like. We have so many thoughts about the show and so many have asked for details that we came home and recorded them, and I’ll post that movie this week for all the Hamilfans dying to know.

But I will say we did not leave disappointed! And I was so hyped up apparently I even subconsciously chose my nails  to match the Hamilton branding.

Side note, my friend Kayla tipped me off that I should try Incoco nail stickers and my life has never been the same. I purchased this pair, but I reached out and they send me several to try in the future. I’ll be sharing some fun looks and my obsession more on Instagram soon.

But back to Hamilton an getting to be in the room where it happened (I couldn’t resist at least one terrible song pun). We’ve been singing songs ever since we saw the show. We’ve used them as talking points for this week’s presidential election, and we’ve left making a big check on the bucket list.

It was definitely one unforgettable night! And I can’t wait to share all our thoughts coming soon!

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