The Easiest, Most Sentimental Gift You Can Give This Holiday Season

We teamed up with StoryWorth for this post, but my love of their product and preserving family history is all my own! 

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the nostalgia it brings. We remember our childhood experiences and share them with siblings and friends, we recall the best slice of pie and the worst piece of fruitcake from years past, and we often end up hearing stories from parents and grandparents that are a part of our family history that we hope we can cherish and pass on someday.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about my grandparents who have all passed, and wished there were more recordings of their history and their stories. From WWII experience at home and abroad, to what they named their dog and regularly made for dinner, I wish there was a written history to go with their experiences. For now, I am relying on my own parents’ memory, and I hope to get my grandparent’s stories down before it’s too late.

Along those same lines, I want to get my parents’ histories recorded too. They both have amazing stories of overcoming great odds to achieve their goals and dreams. They’ve been through so much in their lives, and they are amazing people who constantly inspire and serve everywhere they go.

For anyone like me who has ever wished to capture a personal history or a family history, you know the task can be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming, and I think that’s precisely why so few people ever achieve it to the degree they hope to. It’s hard to sit down and spend weeks jotting down memories.

This is where one of the coolest new companies completely has your back. StoryWorth is a company striving to make story telling and memory recording easy! Here’s how it works: You sign up storytellers via email to contribute to your book. You choose the frequency, but either every week or every month they will receive one email prompt asking them to tell a story from their life or their history. You can customize the prompts or choose from a list of pre-written prompts. The storyteller has the option to write a quick email back, or record their story for transcription. It’s compiled into their database, and after a year’s worth of stories are collected, a bound book is made and shipped to you to have one of the most memorable and sentimental items you can own. It really takes an overwhelming process and makes it simple and so easy to tackle.

With a mom who just returned from a trip to her hometown to see where her parents are buried and came home with books of pictures just begging for history to be told and recorded, I knew this would be the perfect gift for her. She’s been pulling out the pictures a lot and she lights up telling me stories of her grandparents, her parents, and her childhood on her grandparents’ farm.

StoryWorth has a really awesome promo going on right now for the holidays that makes it super affordable too! I mean I know you can’t put a price on memories and family history, but this really does make it the perfect price range of the type of gift you’d give your parents. Maybe you have parents who have everything already and are hard to shop for, or maybe you want to go in with a sibling and show you really care about your family (something my parents say is their greatest hope, that we all grow closer as they age), either way this is such a great holiday gift idea, and one I’m so grateful I’ve had the chance to partner with and share with you today!

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