The Lantern Fest

Date Info:
Lantern Release at The Lantern Fest
Price: $30-$50- depending when you buy, if you use a promo, and how many lanterns you purchase
Location: Ours was in Casa Grande, AZ, but they are done in various cities throughout the U.S.
Every now and then we do something for a date that is nothing short of breathtaking and completely magical. My sister actually tipped me off to the concept of The Lantern Fest; essentially a festival that mimics the scene from Tangled where thousands of biodegradable lanterns are sent off to the sky. She told me she had a good discount and asked if we wanted in months in advance, and of course I couldn’t pass it up!

In fact, if you’d like to attend I’d highly recommend looking months in advance, these things sell out super fast and are really popular! I felt lucky we got in on the secret early.

We started with bonfires and s’mores. The s’mores kits were darling and it definitely helped pass the time while we waited for the big event.

I loved doubling for this one, not only is my sister super amazing, but her fiance is just a great guy too, and having someone with you to take some pictures never hurts anything! We enjoyed the bonfire and then scoping out the perfect spot for the big send off. We also had each other to help through the process.

You start by lighting a set square on the bottom, then you place your lanterns down on the ground to let hot air fill so it will rise. And then you make your wish, and let it go into the sky joining thousands of others to create something completely magical.

And I wish pictures could do it justice, but they just can’t. So I spliced together our video clips from the night and made a movie to try to capture the moving experience.

Of course that isn’t going to stop me from sharing the pictures we took attempting to capture the magic.

I’ll never forget sitting in awe and just snuggling my husband and looking over to see my sister snuggling her future husband. It was something worth every penny, and one of those bucket list dates I’m so grateful we got to do, and even though we don’t repeat dates often, this is one I’m already planning to repeat next year!

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