5 Health and Fitness Hacks to Stay on Track with Resolutions During Your Busiest Weeks

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How to fit in exercise when you don't have time
We’re at that point in January when people start to slip a little bit with goals, particularly health goals. I don’t think it’s ever intentional, life just gets busy and a lack of time typically gets in the way. With how busy lives are it’s just so easy to skip the one workout, to run out of meal-prep time, or to have a moment of weakness and indulge in something. I’m all about balance and I think it’s okay to miss here or there, but I’ve also learned from personal experience that finding ways to roll with time constraints and stay healthy can make all the difference in staying on track and keeping health and health-related goals in check.

I’ve found five hacks I use when I’m short on time to fit in a healthy lifestyle even in the craziest of weeks so I stay in shape and eat fairly healthy.

5 Health and Fitness Hacks

  1. Trade longer workouts for shorter

I believe in exercising as many days a week as possible and there’s so many days I realize I just can’t fit in the 10-minute drive to the gym, the hour class, and the 10-minute drive home. Often that hour and a half needs to be condensed down to about 30 minutes or less. I’ve been doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and CrossFit this year, and it’s amazing how 20 burpees, 30 squats, 50 jump ropes, and 30 lunges on repeat for 15 minutes can really give me a killer workout! I also love I can do these anywhere, anytime. I’ve also learned that running a mile as a sprint (or at least what feels like a sprint to me) can make all the difference in my day, and bonus, it’s under 10 minutes. Finding some shorter routines and options really is key for those days and weeks it just seems impossible.

  1. Make social time fitness time 

This may mean inviting a friend to the gym instead of lunch, but one really simple way to do this is to walk while you chat. If you’re on the phone with someone pace around your house briskly. If you’re meeting in person see if you can meet at a park and walk while you catch up. Jacob and I did this all the time while we were dating and adding it to training for my first half marathon kept me the fittest and slimmest I’ve ever been. If you can ditch sitting and walk instead, do it!

  1. Snack smart 

Stress eating is definitely a thing, and many people blow their healthy eating goals due to an overwhelming work task or personal stressor. I believe in eating smaller meals and having snacks, but gestational diabetes really taught me to make your snacks count! Plan them, even if it means having a fridge with some high protein cheese or hard-boiling some eggs well in advance. Choose lower calorie items with nutritional value so you feel fuller and make better choices. If you can plan ahead at all, do! Have these ready for those busy moments. And have them at home, work, and wherever you spent time so you can avoid other temptations and don’t feel deprived.

  1. Make protein shakes part of the plan 

I’ve learned that skipping meals is a no-go and can ruin a day pretty quickly. Before I worked from home I often found myself in back-to-back meetings unable to leave the office for lunch, and by the time I could eat it was late and I grabbed anything I could. I’ve also had to rush mornings where I need a healthy breakfast and couldn’t dream of making one due to my love of my snooze button. I love having protein shakes on hand because you don’t even need to mix or prep and can just grab and go and have them for a meal-on-the-go or for a snack on your days you’re really hungry. I love the Premier Protein Organics (that are super easy to find and affordable at Costco.com right now) which combine the finest organic ingredients without the sugar, fat, and calories to help give the energy you need! They are USDA certified organic, no artificial sweeteners/colors/flavors, free from antibiotics synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO ingredients. Also, no soy, it’s all high-quality whey and milk protein sources. All great things, but I really love that there’s chocolate and vanilla flavors for variety, and that you get 25g of organic protein, with all nine essential amino acids with only 150 calories, and only 5g of sugar in a form that tastes so good!

Plus, if you do start to want some more variety, you can easily mix it up with some protein smoothies. Here’s one I love that is a replica of one of my favorite smoothies from one of my favorite healthy lunch spots in Arizona:

organic protein

Blended PB&J Smoothie
1 Premier Protein® Organic Vanilla shake
1-2 tbsp. of creamy peanut butter
4 tsp of raspberry jam
½ cup of mixed berries
1 cup of ice
Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth, then enjoy!
Visit premierprotein.com for more great recipes! 5. Say no to something else


  1. Learn to say no to something else 

I’m a “yes-man” and love to try to please all which often leads me to not having time for myself and my health. Can someone else take the PTO assignment? Is it possible to get a friend to pick up your kids this time? Is there an extra thing you’re taking on at work that you could pass over? Are you spending time “relaxing” at night and watching TV instead of working out? Every time I take legit stock of my time I always find I could technically cut one thing. I don’t even want to admit how many days I went to work with wet

So, there you have it, five health and fitness hacks I use to stay on track with resolutions even in my business times of life.

Anything you’d add? Any tricks you do to stay healthy?

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