Last Minute Movie Date – La La Land

Date Info: 
Movie Night (even possible at the last minute)
Price: About $10 a person
Location: Anywhere with a theater
Tip: Find a recently remodeled theater with recliner seats, they will change your life!
Discount tickets can be found at Costco and many grocery stores. Take advantage and save a few dollars.

La La Land Date Night

Last weekend we had the problem of babysitters canceling and this weekend we found ourselves with the reverse problem, a niece came into town for a family bridal shower and was happy to volunteer to babysit since she didn’t have anything else to do that evening. I hadn’t planned a date, I had quite a bit to do to pull together the bridal shower, but it was a lesson to me that sometimes as a parent you have to seize the moment and use a babysitter when they are ready and able!

We had about an hour and a half to try to figure out a date we could do late at night with short notice, and ultimately decided it had been way too long since we saw a movie. We typically go to a holiday season blockbuster but missed out this year due to croup and a few other illnesses. With the mantra that it’s better late than never, we came up with two or three movies we wanted to see and missed going to last month, and searched for tickets. Much to our surprise, it’s pretty challenging to find tickets between 8:00-9:30 even when you live in one of the largest metros in the country, and we weren’t certain we’d be able to make it work. Luckily one of the movies on the list delivered and still had availability so we went for it! Bless newly remodeled theaters with recliner seats that let you book tickets in advance, they are worth every penny and definitely the way to go!

La La Land Movie Ticket
Nails: c/o Incoco products- the easiest real polish stickers that look amazing for about 2 weeks! I used this pink with a glitter overlay.

I knew it would be artistic, but I was pretty blown away by how well La La Land made a modern movie feel like a vintage one. Jacob let me know it was a little artsy for him and he felt confused by a few elements that gave a nod to vintage movie tricks, music, dancing, and themes, but overall agreed it’s an excellent movie.

I’m glad we went, and I’m glad I got to see what the hype is all about! If you haven’t seen La La Land I’d highly recommend it! And if you have seen it I’m dying to hear your favorite part!

Lesson learned, there’s always something to scrounge up, and a carpe diem attitude whenever you can make a date happen. is a fantastic one to have!

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  1. I’ve heard nothing but good about La La Land. We were going to go a couple of weeks ago but Joe was just getting over the flu and Bensen woke up feeling crummy that day so we stayed home instead. I’m hoping we can go in February. But Joe’s worried about the artistic side of it as well so I’m trying to decide if I wait and see it when it’s on video. We have a massive TV now, so it would still be pretty good view 😉

  2. We liked La La Land too! I’ll admit, I liked it more than Andrew did, but it was a movie we both wanted to actually see, so it made for a great date night.

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