40 Spring Date Ideas

40 Creative Spring Date Ideas- fun dates perfect for the spring season!

Whether the weather is convincing anyone that it’s true, we are officially in spring! The snow is melting in colder areas, the blossoms are coming on the citrus trees here in our warmer climate, and it’s time to take advantage of dates that art perfect for spring! So in honor of the season change, I couldn’t help but share a bunch of spring date ideas we have on our list that we hope to fit in this season!

  1. Spring Picnic- tis the season to pull out the blanket, plan some romantic food or takeout, and head to a quintessential spring location to enjoy good food outdoors.
  2. Spring Training- if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with spring training definitely buy tickets and go! If you aren’t, you can wait for baseball season to officially start, or you find a local sport’s bar and make a night of watching it on the screen making new friends.
  3. Sing in the Rain- Okay you don’t literally have to sing, but there’s something about April showers that are so fun and so romantic! You can grab a hot chocolate or coffee and watch a storm pass, or if you’re feeling like an adventurous go-getter, grab your rain boots and splash in puddles together. Bonus points for long, dramatic kissing in the rain.
  4. Visit a farmer’s market. It’s the perfect time to support local businesses while the weather is so nice. Find a local weekend market and pick out items for a romantic meal at home, or enjoy a meal from a local vendor while there!
  5. Dinner on the patio. Head to a busy downtown location and ask to be seated outside. Enjoy a night of people watching while everyone emerges outside after winter and take dinner extremely slow.
  6. Volunteer! Spring cleaning isn’t always fun, but there’s something about helping other organizations who need a little spring clean that leads to a happy-feel-good kind of date. Call local shelters, schools, family organizations, or community leaders and find something you can help them do and clean up this spring.
  7. Nature walk. Where’s the best place to see spring in your area? Find where those flowers are blooming, and plan a romantic stroll through that park or nature setting.
  8. Sidewalk chalk art- channel your inner street artist, or lack there of, and enjoy seeing pavement without snow again! You can try to recreate famous paintings, draw each other, or just channel your inner urban mural genius.
  9. Romantic paddleboat- one of my absolutely favorite things to do for a date! It’s inexpensive, it’s so romantic, and it’s nice to do before it heats up too much.
  10. Go stargazing- while we’re talking romantic, this free date idea is always a winner! You can check out Google Sky for guides, and it’s a great time to find a meteor shower.
  11. Play bocce ball- My coworkers used to meet to do this during lunch in the spring at the park across from the office. I was surprised how fun it is, and I’ve always had it on my list of spring date ideas I want to do.
  12. Watch a romantic sunset- I love combining this one with a picnic. Head just out of town, find a great location, and enjoy a romantic night of dining and watching the sun go down.
  13. Do a color run- even if you’re not athletic, hear me out on this one! It’s a slowdown and enjoy life kind of run/walk, and it’s a lot of fun to have colors thrown around and get messy.
  14. Train for a 5k together- race season is coming, and if you grab a program that sets out walking to running schedules it’s easy to get ready quickly. Choose one and start planning multiple active dates together. This is actually one of the reasons we’re married today, thank you half marathon training!
  15. Visit the zoo- it’s going to be crawling with kids who are out of school soon, and chances are it’s going to pretty toasty too. Go now while the animals are emerging, several babies are being born (thanks for being a trendsetter April), and you can enjoy a little more walking space alone.
  16. Park night- swing on the swings, take turns pushing each other, go down the slides, and enjoy the simple pleasures of the park. You’ll want to do this before school gets out and later bedtimes for children emerge. That way if there’s a little making out in the open field, you don’t have to feel bad about the PG-13 scene.
  17. Rent or borrow a tandem bike- we’re such big fans of a little activity and exploring in a new way! Spring is perfect before it heats up and you’re a sweaty mess doing this, and you can often find spring discount rates too.
  18. Yard sale shopping- it’s such a good time to take advantage of other’s spring cleaning and find some gems! That may be things you actually want and need, and that may the quirkiest thing you can humanly find. Your goal is totally up to you, but you’ll find a jackpot of all things during spring sales.
  19. Movies in the park- several cities. parks, outdoor malls, and community centers host free movies in the park during later spring months. Check your listings and google them in your area. It’s a fun way to enjoy a free date outside!
  20. Plan a summer vacation or road trip together- you know those things you always dream of doing but never do? Set a date, head to a bookstore, and start planning a dream trip or weekend getaway to do this summer.
  21. Head to a National Park- there’s a week in April where admission is free (it’s the 17th-23rd this year), spend a day or a weekend exploring a national treasure. You can find one in your state here.
  22. Play games in the park- you know those elderly gentlemen who love to play chess or other games outside for hours? They’ve even inspired giant chess boards at several local parks! Bring your own set or table, find some elderly friends, or locate an oversized game board and join in on the fun.
  23. Roller blade/roller skate/skateboard on a trail or a park- if you know how that’s perfect, but trust me, trying to figure it out together is a blast as well and trust me, it’s pretty hilarious this way too.
  24. Pick wildflowers or buy some seasonal bouquets and deliver them to the elderly or to friends who could use a pick-me-up.
  25. Fly kites- You need wind and there’s typically an abundance before spring showers. Grab a cheap kite or make your own and head to a scenic location for a test flight.
  26. Segway tour part of the nearest major city- it’s easy to book, often lower rates than summer, and a fun way to see part of a city before it’s crowded with summer travelers.
  27. Fire up the barbecue- plan a spring grilling party, design the menu, and enjoying a backyard party. Many parks have charcoal grills if you aren’t lucky enough to own your own.
  28. Get ice cream. Sometimes the simplest dates are the best, and a quick trip to get some of our favorite ice cream without freezing is a party worth having! Or you could…
  29. Make ice cream at home- there’s a lot of ways to do it without an ice cream maker, it just takesa  little planning! Buy the ingredients and roll the cans together or set up the machine and plan the ultimate toppings.
  30. Attend a track meet- collegiate, high school, or running clubs are in full force at this time, and it can be so much fun to watch how fast and talented these athletes are, typically for super cheap and often free!
  31. Go to a play- most high school theater productions happen at this time and we shared a trick for finding the best in this post, but broadway shows are touring too and local community theater typically puts on a spring play as well. Find one to support and make a fun night out of dressing up.
  32. Find a senior or graduate capstone project to attend at a local university- we’re talking dance productions, art shows, lectures on Mars rover findings- there’s so much to find at local universities and community colleges, and this is a great chance to browse their websites and find out what nights they are hosting events.
  33. Find a fall tv show that’s ended and plan a binge-watching night- surely we aren’t the only ones who lack patience and have a hard time waiting for the next episode. As so many tv series wrap up, it’s a great time to choose one to watch an entire season in only one night. Anyone miss This Is Us? Now’s your chance to jump on the bandwagon!
  34. Go for a hike- plan a hike or scenic walk while the weather is perfect. Most trials are less busy during spring than summer and you’ll get to spot some wildlife making appearances.
  35. Try biking to dinner- feel free to hit up your favorite spot or try somewhere new, but biking there and back adds a fun variety to a seemingly normal date night.
  36. Plan some April Fool’s pranks- and make sure you get started on the perfect execution and coordination of details for the perfect pranks.
  37. Plant a tree or garden for Earth Day- or at the very least call your local parks and see if there’s a volunteer activity you can be a part of for Earth Day, they typically have one and need volunteers!
  38. Visit a U-pick farm- different regions have different spring crops at this time, but most have u-pick days where you can sign up to pick your own harvest from their planning and hard work growing.
  39. Visit a rose or botanical garden- find one in your area and schedule a day date to explore the gardens.
  40. Attend a spring festival- every city has a different version of one, but almost all have one. Check out music, spring festivals, or community events for details of festivals in your area.

40 Spring Date Ideas- A list of free date ideas, romantic date ideas, active date ideas, at-home date ideas, and creative date ideas that are perfect to do in spring!

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