Spring Break Vibes + The Jack-of-All-Trades Dress Under $30

It’s amazing how you can go from cold to warming up to spring in no time!

I’m pretty sure we went to bed on a cold rainy night and woke up the next morning to the heat and the sunshine and the first peak of things heating up quickly in the Southwest. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the wardrobe change happens. I can need a sweater and boots one day, and only a day or two later I’m starting to pull out the shorts and sandals, but anyone who knows me knows my heart belongs more to skirts and dresses. Finding summer skirts and dresses is a must-do task when you spend most your summer in triple digits, so items that are lightweight, don’t require any layers, and look great as stand-alone pieces are my favorite!

Dress / Hat / Tote / Sandals / Sunnies / Lipstick / Real Nail Polish Stickers (c/o Incoco) 

I’m pretty sure I never got over the embroidered/embellished trend from last time around and hoarded those pieces, so you can imagine my delight at the new fun dressed with florals and nods to Mexican embroidery. I’ve snagged this dress in two of the four colors it comes in, including being available in a chambray too, which I keep eying trying to decide if anyone will notice I pretty much wore the same dress three days in a row…

This is the dress I just took with me on our Mexico anniversary trip and it was so perfect for walking around in the heat, looking nice enough to eat dinner at our fancy resort restaurant, and slip over my swimsuit and stash easily in a bag after a trip to the pool. It’s a jack-of-all-trades dress, and when you use the promo codes and get it for under $30, it’s extra hard to pass up! I guess we all know why I own two colors and keep eying a third…

I’m going to brace myself for the months it’s too hot to go outside, but for now, I’ll just enjoy these spring break vibes and some time outside while the weather is so perfect!

Photography by Chrissy at Let Me See You Sparkle Photo

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