50 Summer Date Ideas

50 Summer Date Ideas | Tons of Free Date Ideas, at-home date ideas, unique date ideas, and fun group date nights perfect for summer time!

It’s that time of year when everything is heating up, the sun it up longer, and people are spending more time in shorts and sandals. It’s also the perfect time of year to change up the date night routine and fit in some really fun, unique, seasonally appropriate summer dates. So we’re opening up our list of dates we’ll be choosing from as we plan the date night calendar this year and sharing 50 summer date ideas that include plenty of free date ideas, at-home date ideas, and really fun dates to heat things up this summer!

  1. Water balloon fight- a fun classic that’s easy and approachable and is entertaining from start to finish.
  2. Carnival time- when the Ferris wheel arrives in town it’s always fun to go grab some cotton candy, try to win that oversized stuffed animal, and enjoy a few thrill rides together.
  3. Music Festival- tis the season of bands touring in groups, and dressing up and attending a full music festival is a summer must.
  4. Drive-in movie- let the top down, hitch down, or windows down and enjoy some cuddle time during movie season.
  5. Tube the river- This lazy date provides cool water, lots of sun, and a really great opportunity for conversation.
  6. Mini-golf- when you can be outdoors and enjoy some friendly competition for an inexpensive price, you have a winner in the summer date department every time!
  7. Have s’mores night- it’s the official summer dessert for a reason, and the only thing needed for a great date! This works over fire pits, camping trips, or over a grill in the backyard. Get creative with toppings and enjoy!
  8. Watch the sunrise- waking up to see the sun come up is not only so memorable but super romantic.
  9. Have a sunset picnic- if you’re a night person instead of a morning, watching the sunset in a scenic spot may be the way to go.50 Summer Date Ideas | Tons of Free Date Ideas, at-home date ideas, unique date ideas, and fun group date nights perfect for summer time!
  10. Hot air balloon rides- it’s on almost everyone’s bucket list, and now is the time to create a really amazing memory!
  11. Go boating/sailing- there’s something about just being on a boat that makes it so fun, but a sunset sail or wakeboarding on a boat makes it even more exciting and memorable.
  12. Rent a kayak- working in tandem, a few paddle splash wars, and a fun way to stay cool and active equals summer date perfection.
  13. Indulge in summer blockbuster season- we’re all about creative, but the best blockbusters come out in the summer and sometimes you just have to decide dinner and movie is the perfect summer date.
  14. Amusement park- roller coaster rides, merry-go-rounds, and bumper cars are the definition of summer and something dates of all ages seem to love and adore.
  15. Set up your own car wash- there’s just something so fun about blasting the vintage song and spraying each other with the hose while you tackle your to-do list.
  16. Road trip to a nearby city for a day. While everyone is vacationing you can pretend you are too for a few hours while catching some new sights and making some new memories.
  17. Find the best ice cream shop in your area and pay a visit.
  18. Go ice skating on the hottest day of the year, it will be your most refreshing summer date imaginable.
  19. Attend a baseball game- it’s a classic for a reason.
  20. Go watch fireworks- watch for holidays and local events, you can catch a lot of summer fireworks often for free.
  21. Go stargazing- this free, romantic date is always a winner. We love to bring an air mattress and Google Sky and really enjoy some time out in nature.
  22. Splurge on a concert. It’s tour season and there are a lot more concerts happening during the summer than other times of the year. Bonus for outdoor arenas that make it feel even more like a summer night.
  23. Attend a soccer game- if baseball isn’t your thing, this is one way to still enjoy stadium food, athletic events, and plenty of conversation time.

    Photo by: Let me See You Sparkle Photo
  24. Rent a tandem bike, because figuring it out together and combining summer bike riding nostalgia goes a long way.
  25. Enjoy dinner or drinks on the patio. Even in the hottest places, misters save the day and make dinner or drinks feel new and fresh.
  26. Make ice cream together. You can do it with two cans, in a bag, or with a professional mixer. Find a method and enjoy making everyone’s favorite summer treat from scratch.
  27. Take a Segway Tour of your closest large city- if you can’t beat the tourists, join them!
  28. Bonfire group date- bring back summer camp and ghost story memories creating a bonfire in a safe location.
  29. Attend a chalk art festival, or create your own chalk art murals.
  30. Movies in the park/outdoor cinema screenings- great weather, giant screens, and the perfect cuddle setup are is of the perfect summer dates.50 Summer Date Ideas | Tons of Free Date Ideas, at-home date ideas, unique date ideas, and fun group date nights perfect for summer time!
  31. Hit up a food truck festival. They tend to gather more trucks, stay longer, and plan for bigger events when the weather is nice.
  32. Go rollerblading or learn to skateboard together. You may pick up a new hobby or at least have a lot of laughs.
  33. Pick in-season produce at a local farm. It’s berry season amongst other things, and it’s a fun way to experience a piece of the summer harvest.
  34. Try indoor skydiving. It’s an adventure that gets you out of the heat while definitely feeling a cool breeze.
  35. Host an outdoor potluck. Invite other couples to make their summer specialty and enjoy trying all the dishes and socializing together.
  36. Have a BBQ cookoff. Plan the menu and compete on best item served.
  37. Go for a hike- even if you live somewhere very warm night hikes with good lighting are always a very romantic option
  38. Plan a huge summer trip- whether you actually go or don’t is totally up to you, but there’s a lot of fun in heading to a bookstore and planning your dream vacation.
  39. Visit a farmer’s market- buy in-season produce to cook a romantic meal together聽50 Summer Date Ideas | Tons of Free Date Ideas, at-home date ideas, unique date ideas, and fun group date nights perfect for summer time!
  40. Visit a botanical garden聽festival- it’s rose season almost everywhere but other floral festivals聽are in bloom during the summer, and they make for a romantic scene and perfect selfie backdrop for some pictures together.
  41. Go camping. It can be in the backyard for a few hours or a legit trip, but it’s the perfect season to plan a trip together.
  42. Take a long walk on the beach. Whether it’s the actual beach or the beach of a lake, it still is a great totally free date perfect for a summer evening.
  43. Go-cart racing- man have outdoor options open in the summer, and this need-for-speed date is a fun adrenaline rush.
  44. Attend an outdoor play. I thought I loved plays and then I saw my first outdoor theater and feel even more in love with this open atmosphere and actors working with nature to create scenes.
  45. Try SUP- stand up paddleboarding. It’s a twist on a classic that gives just enough adventure and uncertainty to make a truly memorable beat-the-heat date.
  46. Games in the park- whether it’s a formal event organized by your community, an ask to join the regulars, or just bringing your favorite board game or deck of cards, it’s fun to create the community feel of a park event and enjoy it with a date.
  47. Attend a local summer festival- this is different in every city, town, and state, but there’s always a harvest or pie eating or cultural celebration. Check your city’s calendar.
  48. Buy water guns for an epic fight. When you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level and commit to more than water-balloons, large water guns and set rules and boundaries make for a more intense and fun date night.
  49. Give nostalgia a nod and play night games. Kick the can, capture the flag, hide-and-go-seek ruled a lot of children’s summers, find a game to play for two or grab a group and enjoy reliving your childhood.
  50. Sand volleyball tournament- it’s the perfect double (or quadruple) date, and you can play classic volleyball, beach ball volleyball, or get creative with beach towel/water balloon volleyball. All make for a fun, friendly competition for all athletic levels.

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