Candlelit Steak Dinner

It never ceases to amaze me what $4 more spent on a dinner, some candles, and goblets can do. Seriously, picking up two steaks at the local favorite farmer’s market and dropping $4 extra on that meat instead of our usuals seems to put a smile on both our faces.  Instead of dropping $40+ to… Read More

Some Thoughts on Eternal Marriage

Sorry to share thoughts instead of a date, but I just feel so strongly like I should! Sunday we went to church, where we separate for part of it into men’s and women’s groups for a lesson/discussion on spiritual topics.  Jacob actually taught the men.  The lesson was on marriage and the eternal nature of… Read More

Sometimes We Double…And Even Triple

What is better than a double date?  Obviously a triple date! (Pictured: Brett, Tia, Jacob, Camille, Alexis, Clint) After our awesome guest post by Tia the other day, we decided it was time to hang out in person and that a double date was in order.  They are super cool, who wouldn’t want to double… Read More

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