Easter Waffles

If you’ve ever had those mornings when you get up and think “If I could only eat ice cream for breakfast and not feel completely sick later,” (and let’s just call this what it is and admit that we’ve all thought that) then we have your solution!  We are both very involved at our church volunteering time… Read More

Puerto Vallarta (Reason to Cruise #4- Part 1)

Reason #4 happens to be our favorite- we love seeing new places and traveling abroad.  We’ve both been to Mexico before, I mean we’re in Arizona for cryin’ out loud, and it used to be that you could cross the border without a passport on a weekend trip without much worry of safety.  Sadly it’s… Read More

Reason to Cruise #3- The Food!

If you are a foodie, a cruise is a must for your bucketlist!  First of all, it’s all-you-can-eat.  The food is included in the price up-front, and there are some amazing things to try aboard! We decided this time to try some of the cold fruit soups the first night- and man we were hooked! … Read More

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