Easter Pageant 2012

Date Info:  Mesa Temple Easter Pageant  Price: Free Location: Mesa, AZ- Runs 10 days before Easter annually  Website: Mesa Easter Pageant   The Easter Pageant is one fantastic and free date/family activity the two weeks before Easter.  If you’ve never heard of it, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints puts this show on with all volunteer actors… Read More

The Hunger Games Movie

Date Info:  Dinner and a Movie  Price: About $20  Tip: Buy discount tickets at Costco, it will save you about $5 a date We read the first Hunger Games book almost 2 years ago for a book club we joined right after we started dating.  We both really loved it, and really loved talking about it with… Read More

Anniversary Pictures- Documenting the Year

One more for vanity’s sake!  We decided that each year on our anniversary we’ll have pictures taken so we can see how we’ve changed as we’ll make a big wall in our house to fill with pictures.  We had the idea to incorporate the biggest things we accomplished/experienced that year.  We made chalkboard signs and… Read More

  • I love stories of how people met! Did you meethellip
  • Sometimes you just need to see if Sleeping Beauty ishellip
  • Raise your hand if your jewelry wearing habits came tohellip
  • I will never be the same   Theres nothinghellip
  • I knew Id be happy sitting on the couch talkinghellip
  • Seeing new cities and visiting new places with my favoritehellip