FREE Slurpee Day!

Date Info:  Free 7-11 Slurpee Day Price: Free Location: Any participating 7-11 You had better get a date tomorrow, because it’s 7/11- which means FREE SLURPEE DAY at participating 7-Eleven stores. There really is no excuse- ASK SOMEONE OUT!  Get out and date this Monday!

4th of July Getaway

Date Info:  Eagar/Springerville AZ 4th of July Getaway  Price: Starting at $50 a night Location: Springerville, AZ When your car temperature gage won’t stop reading this And you have Monday off because it’s the 4th of July, there is nothing like…A WEEKEND GETAWAY!   We decided to go to the cooler part of Arizona in the North… Read More

Provo-ites/Utah Locals

I live in Arizona, I accept that, I love it even.  Summers are so hot, and this one has almost killed me that I long for that Rocky Mountain range I grew up in right in the heart of Utah.  There is nothing like the perfect summer weather in Utah.  Aside from the heat there is… Read More

Lemon Poppyseed Pancake Brunch

Date Info:  Brunch at Home Price: About $10 in ingredients Do you ever think dating can be intimidating? I feel culturally there is this huge pressure to plan a marathon date that lasts hours upon hours with lots of activities. As a newlywed I really enjoy marathon dates and look forward to them, I mean look… Read More

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