Some Thoughts on Eternal Marriage

Sorry to share thoughts instead of a date, but I just feel so strongly like I should! Sunday we went to church, where we separate for part of it into men’s and women’s groups for a lesson/discussion on spiritual topics.  Jacob actually taught the men.  The lesson was on marriage and the eternal nature of… Read More

Sometimes We Double…And Even Triple

What is better than a double date?  Obviously a triple date! (Pictured: Brett, Tia, Jacob, Camille, Alexis, Clint) After our awesome guest post by Tia the other day, we decided it was time to hang out in person and that a double date was in order.  They are super cool, who wouldn’t want to double… Read More

Guest Post- Tia and Brett

When we met Tia and Brett as singles at church I’m not sure we ever would have predicted that we would all get hitched within months of each other.  Errr, I mean Tia to Brett, Jacob to Camille, not so much something weird like that sounded upon second read. Tia and Brett are one amazing… Read More

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