Christmas Concert

Earlier this year I was asked to help with some marketing for a non-profit organization for a summer conference for young women to help promote self-esteem- something I just couldn’t say no to!  It’s been a lot of fun and the women in charge are seriously amazing, talent women!  They were super generous and gave… Read More

Christmas Cookie Night

For all the awesome readers who tell us they have kids and have more nights in than out, and please feature some more at-home dates, this one is for you! We started our night in with a run to the our favorite pizza place down the street from our house. We tried something a little… Read More

Decking the Halls

This weekend some unexpected illness struck Jacob, that postponed the super active date we had planned for Friday.  It’s okay, I’d slept about 3 hours after Black Friday shopping and had the cold coming on as well.  We’ll save that date for later.  These things happen, and thus it was on to Plan B for… Read More

50 Holiday Date Ideas

Thanksgiving officially ended 21 hours ago, that means it’s legal to disclose the fact that Christmas has been on our minds for weeks, and we’ve booked/planned several holiday themed dates.   We both sat down and listed all the things we want to do, and our top holiday date ideas.  We were forced to limit… Read More

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  • I decided today that I think Id rather spend Sundayhellip
  • I am loving having a toddler who is is oldhellip
  • Back to school often means workout buddies resurface and Ihellip
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  • One of the biggest requests we get is date ideashellip