Double Date Dinner Party at Home

Do you know what may be the most attractive thing in the world? A man making a romantic dinner at home! We absolutely love to cook, and it’s even more fun when we do it together for a date. But we can quadruple the fun by cooking for another couple and enjoying a dinner party.… Read More

Football Fever

It’s been such a busy fall season for us that we almost missed out on one of the greatest fall dates out there- football games!  Last year we were given tickets to see the Cardinals play as well as ASU, where we met.  We had a blast at both games, but have to honestly say… Read More

Pumpkin Carving

Better late than never right? We had a group date at our friends’ house on October 30th to carve some last minute pumpkins. It’s always more fun with friends! We went with a bat in the moon this year. It’s amazing how some of the most simple ideas and childhood pastimes can be one of… Read More

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