Some Upgrades and a Thank You

Friends, Family, and Readers, We started this blog as something we thought maybe a few close friends would check every couple months and maybe our family would view, but mainly was for the two of us to remain accountable for Friday dates.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the response, emails, nice comments/FB messages, and random people… Read More

500 Days of Summer IKEA Reenactment

First of all, this was an impromptu weekday date, but one that was a lot of fun.  One of my (Camille’s) favorite movies is 500 Days of Summer.  It has special meaning for us as a couple because one of our first dates after officially dating involved watching this film.  It’s a good one for… Read More

Kayaking the River- Battle-wounds to prove!

Date Info:  Kayaking The Salt River Price: $41 per person Location: Salt River, AZ Website: Salt River Kayaking Rental   Confession: I usually blog a week after the date for buffer time.  Last week we went and chose paint and started changing our house.  It’s way less exciting than this week’s date, so I’m posting it early and… Read More

Melting Pot Picnic

Date Info:  Fondue Picnic at Home  Price: Cost of food (I’d plan $20-$50) I took Jacob to The Melting Pot last fall for his birthday- we had a lot of fun! We both decided we like to cook enough we could probably recreate the experience at home for a fraction of the cost. So, I decided… Read More

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