Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie = Perfect Date

Date Info:  Baking THE Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Price: Free if you have the ingredients, if not I’d plan about $15 Website: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie I know we make a big production out of this dating thing a lot of the time, but really, I don’t think there is a better date/moment to share with… Read More

The Rock and the Jungle

Date Info:  Rock Climbing at a Rock Gym Price: $18 Per Person, including gear rental Location: Any Rock Gym, We’re at the Phoenix Rock Gym Website: Phoenix Rock Gym We are definitely big fans of active dates- so when the Livingsocial deal for the Phoenix Rock Gym hit it was tough to turn down. Sorry for the… Read More

The Test Drive

Date Info:  Test Drive Cars Price: Free Location: Any car dealership Jacob loves cars. No, that’s like an extreme hyperbole, Jacob LOVE LOVE LOVES cars! Blame it on his father’s profession as a mechanic, blame it on his engineering brain, or maybe just blame it on the fact that he’s a boy. He absolutely loves looking at… Read More

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