First Night

We stayed at one swanky place the night we were married- thanks to an awesome MBA friend’s hook ups we stayed at one of Mr. Marriott’s favorite hotels. It was awesome! I don’t think normal hotel rooms will ever look the same to us. The real date came in the morning of breakfast- creme brulee… Read More

Public Transportation and A Great Steak

Date Info:  Public Transportation People Watching  Price: About $4 for an all-day pass Location: Any city with public transportation  Jacob’s Night: Friday 2/26/2011 Shortly after we met, we both realize our shared appreciation for the quirky things and people of this world. It became an instant connection- we knew who would be our partner in crime to… Read More

The Day We Became The Whitings

March 10th was practically perfect. The weather was amazing in Arizona, we had many friends and family come from out of state, the sealing was super spiritual and emotional for both of us, our reception looked amazing (Thanks Marianne!), the flowers were awesome (Thanks again Marianne!), and we knew every single person at our reception.… Read More

Friday We’re In Love

Have you ever noticed that so many people seem to be completely in love when they get married and then the love and excitement seems to fade within only a year or two? We’ve had so many talks about what happens to married couples and how so many seem like business partners instead of romantic… Read More

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