1 Month

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Still playing catch-up, here’s from Halloween time the stats on my 1 Month Old.

23 inches, 10 lbs
95% height, 35 % weight


Things I never want to forget:
– He started stroking my hand in addition to holding it during nursing
– We really figured nursing out, it’s going well, and he eats so aggressively there’s a large gulping noise. He’s eating more like a four month old than a one month old!
– How much he loves to eat. It takes away all his problems even though we’ve had some colic and crying days, he’s always so happy when he eats.
– Smiling started early, he’s giving social smiles at 5 weeks!
– He loves snuggling, he’ll get fussy just so I’ll stop what I’m doing and hold him. He calms right down!
– He’s tall and skinny like his dad, and his feet are stretching out the standard feet shape in his jammies- everywhere else is the right height and way too big on the sides.
– No one calms him like his dad, he hears his voice and is held in his big arms and he’s a goner.
– Started babbling and cooing, and it’s the most darling little voice we’re hearing.

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  1. Christine Everyday says:

    Awwwww little guy

  2. Kate Lately says:

    He is so precious…and I'm loving the candy corn “1”!!

  3. EdyeNicolesMakeup says:

    SO cute 🙂