10 Months

10 months

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10 Months

No checkup this month, but he feels about the same weight and seems to have a bit more height!

Things I never want to forget…

– He’s talking more and more, and it’s darling. He chats gibberish whenever we get in the car.
– He says a very clear “YESH!” whenever we ask him a question. I ask him often he loves his mommy. I will milk this for all it’s worth!
– He loves clementines! We’re talking a minor obsession. He gets giddy and does a little up and down bob in his high chair with some hyperventilation when he sees one. He begs for a second and gulps it up. When we go shopping and I put a new bag in the cart the same giddy dance and squeal happens.

– He’s a full-fledged scooter. He gave up on crawling and he slides his right leg forward and scoots everywhere. He’s loving his walker less and less and is happy to have more control.
– He gets into everything. I mean EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe, we’re locking cabinets, closing doors, trapping him in the bathtub next to our shower if we have to shower while he’s awake, and everything is getting higher and higher in the house. He likes to examine everything.
– His favorite toy is my pump. It’s hilarious, but the square shape and Velcro and tiny knobs are about the greatest thing he’s ever seen.
– He gives the best hugs. If you ask for one he’ll hug you. He hugged his cousin this month and he likes to hug and then do a tackle take down. He’s been doing it to his stuffed animals too. Future wrestler?
– We’ve been infant potty training and we’ve now gone a month without changing a poopy diaper. It’s been a wonderful month!

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  1. The Girl who Loved to Write says:

    Haha I've got a little scooter on my hands, too!

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