11 Months

11 months

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11 Months

No check-up this month, we’ll find out stat updates at the big one year checkup!

Things I never want to forget:

– He’s standing up on furniture and taking the leap for a few steps. His excitement each time is about my favorite thing in the world right now.
– He learned to clap, and he claps for himself whenever he’s proud of what he’s done. It kills me every time!

– He loves eating, he tries just about everything, and he demands about 1/3rd of my smoothie every morning even if I make him his own. There’s a little giddy squeal most the time.
– I mentioned the year mark was coming and thoughts on weaning to Jacob one night, Mack magically learned to make the milk sign that same night. We’ve been trying for months and I almost feel like he heard me and decided it was time to take matters into his own hands- literally.
– Along with new signing has come so many embarrassing moments for me. He now likes to point and make the sign whenever we’re in public. He’s pretty much letting me know this isn’t ending anytime soon if he has a say.
– The same week he learned we had a church event for all adults on a weeknight. We brought him and naturally he didn’t behave well since it was near bedtime. Jacob took him in the hall and then he kept making the milk sign. I came and got him, took him to the mother’s room, and starting nursing him. He sat up and made the milk sign with both chubby hands and enthusiastically shouted “YEESSSSSSH!” as he does. He then went back to nursing. I couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes. Glad to know he approves. This is still one of my favorite memories of parenthood to date!

– He tears apart everything and we’re baby-proofing new areas constantly. But every now and then he realized he needs a hug in the middle of his mischief and scoots over as fast as he can to demand I bend down and hug him.
– He’s obsessed with reading. Current favorites are the “Brown Bear” series and almost any BabyLit book, but particularly Don Quixote. I’m amazed how many books I can recite from memory now.

– He’s done so well with infant potty training, I’ve only changed one soiled diaper this month!
– He cried when dad leaves for work and gets so excited when he gets home. I hope the mental image of the love he has for his dad sticks around forever.
– How many people stop to tell me what a tall child I have. I can’t get over how many remarks the elderly make about his size compared to mine. What can I say, he’s clearly daddy’s boy!


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