12 Months of Dates December: Temple Lights and Hot Chocolate

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Our Year of Dates December date: Visiting the Temple Lights and enjoying a hot chocolate date night. This is a cheap holiday date that is always fun, and perfect for a 12 months of dates gift! 
This has been one amazing year with our 12 Months of Dates! Each month we look forward to the pre-planned, pre-paid date I gave Jacob for Christmas last year.


Temple Lights Date

December can be such a chaotic month that sometimes it’s hard to find time to go on dates, and this year proved to be exceptionally busy. We were lucky enough to fit in a weeknight date and go see the temple lights that they put up every year at the Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple.
Year of Dates Gift
It really is quite the site and one of the prettiest places to visit at Christmas. 
Mesa Temple Lights


And we did reflect on the reason of the season, it was a fun and spiritual evening.
Mesa Arizona Temple Lights


Mesa Temple Christmas Lights
It was a nice break from all the chaos of Christmas, even if we nearly froze to death! 
Temple Lights


Hot Chocolate Date

After a cold activity outside, it’s always a great idea to include a hot chocolate date!
It was easy to remedy the freezing party with the second part of this date- hot chocolate at Starbucks!
Jacob went with the salted caramel hot chocolate and a raspberry chocolate cake pop.
Hot Chocolate Date
 I went with white chocolate peppermint and chocolate peppermint cake pop- definitely soaking up the peppermint while I can! I highly recommend trying the white chocolate hot chocolate for a great mix-up. Also, peppermint flavor just seems to pair well with temple lights! 
Hot Chocolate Date
We have had one really amazing year with the 12 Months of Dates, thanks again for the wonderful idea, Shannon Brown! And here’s the spoiler alert- I gave another year to Jacob for Christmas this year! I can’t wait to post all about it, as well as give a recap on the 12 months we experienced this year. Stay tuned, this week should make for some fun posts!

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  1. Shannon b says:

    This is the perfect kind of date for December! I need to check out our temple — I'm not sure if they do Christmas lights or not. And way to go for making through all 12 months of dates! I know that life can get crazy and sometimes it can be hard to fit it all in — especially when you plan it all a year ahead of time and you don't know what kind of wrenches will get thrown into your plans. I'me excited to see what you come up with for 2013! I'm possibly working on putting together another set of 12 dates for Scott and I . . . . I missed Christmas, but luckily our anniversary falls in January. We'll see if I can pull it together in time!

  2. You so should, I bet they do something in Vegas!

    I can't wait to see what you come up with- what a great anniversary gift!

  3. I love your jacket!!! And I look forward to seeing the next 12 months of dates 😀