2 Months

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24.5 inches, 12 lbs. 6 ounces
92% for height, 33% for weight

– Smiling has gotten even cuter, full mouth smiles, squeals of delight, and big intense eyes
– Cooing started, and he’s already chatting back at me when I talk to him.
– He changed to a morning guy. I often sing the song “Good Morning” from Singin’ In the Rain when I get him in the morning and he perks right up, smiles, coos, and is ready to chat for about an hour after I change his diaper.
– He HATES being dirty. He wants everything clean immediately- diaper, spit up, anything wet. He’s into feeling clean all the time.
– Obsessed with lights and ceiling fans.
– I picked him up and experienced my first hug from him one morning. He reached up both arms and embraced my neck.
– He’s still a snuggle junkie and will hold around my waist, around my neck, my arms, etc. to make sure I stick around when he’s ready for snuggles.
– He’s never said no to a feeding even with reflux. He’s a hungry kid with a crazy metabolism!
– He LOVES bath time! His dad gives him his bath each night and he recognizes the word and perks up with smiles when he hears it.

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