4 Ways I Keep Up with My Busy Toddler

4 Ways to keep up with your busy toddler

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The first time I heard someone mention they could thank their lean figure to the exercise they were getting chasing their small children around I laughed and thought what a funny exaggeration that must be! However, now that my little man can scoot faster than crawl, walk a few steps, and insists he be in his walker or holding hands to help him walk at all times he isn’t moving himself, I’m amazed at how many short sprints I have to do across a room to prevent him from getting into yet another thing I didn’t realize needed to be baby-proofed. I’m starting to see why my pants are fitting a little better these days, and why we’re all sleeping more soundly at night.

Keeping up with a toddler is no joke, and I’m finding I have to take a few steps to prepare myself so I can even hope to stay in step with his next move. A few ounces of preparation on my part make all the difference, and here are my top four healthy ways I’m keeping energy levels high so I can keep up with my toddler:

1. Work out 
It may sound counter-intuitive that one would want to wear themselves out to have more energy, but that’s just how this works! When I lift weights my 20 pounder doesn’t feel quite so heavy when I pick him up. When I run sprints I seem to be able to get to my child faster when he finds that one object you swore wasn’t within reach. The natural boost in mood and hormone levels keeps me energized and stable, and it’s crucial for my mental, physical, and emotional well being.

2. Get enough sleep, and make it quality sleep
It’s so tempting to stay up late after everyone else goes to bed to get some work done, but I can always feel it the next day in my work out and in my time playing with my toddler. Making sleep a priority and making sure I go to bed earlier than later makes a huge difference.

3. Take my multivitamin and probiotics 
There’s nothing better than getting your body all the nutrients it needs so you can feel 100% again! Making sure I have what my body needs to begin with, and my body is in great shape to breastfeed my baby starts with good nutrition and a multivitamin. I also love to add probiotics to the mix to keep digestive health in order. That makes a huge difference for me! And if you want to see what may make the most sense for you, check out this short quiz!

4. Eat healthy 
It’s so tempting to go for whatever is easiest like bag of chips for a snack, but the more I plan ahead and eat clean foods, the better I feel. Along the same lines, sometimes I get busy and forget to feed myself, planning healthy food reminds me to eat at healthy times and not get too hungry so I make poor choices. 

So there you have it, a healthy lifestyle makes all the difference, and hopefully keeps me around for a very long time for my son! I love Sundown Naturals® vitamins and how easy they are to find at Walmart. They are also free of gluten, dairy, and artificial flavors. Walmart is THE PLACE to find vitamins for your whole family! 

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Anything I missed? What do you do to be your best and keep up with your active kids?

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