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Free 7-11 Slurpee Day
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Two years ago, July 11, 2009 I had a huge prompting that my dating sabbatical was over and it was time to get out on the scene. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear as I was a newly admitted MBA student who planned to get killer grades and not waste time with the dating scene. I also had red eyes. My dream of lasik surgery and overcoming blindness had been realized just a week prior to this prompting, and yes, eyes burnt by lasers take some time to return to normal colors.

I received a text from a friend asking me to go to a speed dating/dance Young Single Adult activity through our church. I decided to go. We got lost. We missed the speed dating, and the last thing I wanted was to be at a meat market dance. BUT my friend had a crush there, and they were talking, and she needed a wing-man, ahem, wing-woman to support her. I tried to sit back and enjoy, but I kept adding occasional comments I thought were witty for some attention.

Behind me I heard a response to one of them that made me laugh pretty hard. I braced myself, and turned around to see the cutest smile I have ever seen. This boy was cute and funny- wow! What should have been a few minutes and a dance turned into more than an hour and a few dances. I was attending a family ward, and found myself committed to start a singles ward at ASU the next day.

It took a few months, but this boy who I hit it off with better than anyone else asked me out on our first official date. Bonus points if you can guess what it is- I think it would shock most people!

It took two months of every weekend going out for us to decide to be exclusive. We’re not hopeless romantics, ironic for a couple running a dating blog encouraging romance, but it’s true. 9 months of dating later we decided to make it a forever type commitment.

If anyone would have told me I would meet my husband July 11th 2009 I would have laughed very hard. But I did know one thing- I’d met one of the coolest, sharpest, funniest boys I had ever met that night.

SO tonight was all about celebrating.

What better way to celebrate than draw your husband a picture in paint remembering the night we met and leaving the “n” out of the word stranger?

And of course driving all over the valley to find a 7-11 that still had cups for Free Slurpee Day. It may have been in the ghetto, but pina colada Slurpees scream romanticism in our book.

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