8 Months

8 months

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Things I Never Want to Forget:
– We bought him a walker, but before doing so we went to test a few out to make sure he could use them. The way we set him down and he sprinted down the department store with a giddy squeal will forever be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life!
– The way he finds his way in his walker to wherever his mom is. We are to the point where I can’t use the bathroom alone, I can’t cook, or get dressed without hearing little wheels and chatter coming my way.
– It doesn’t matter if he’s using the walker or holding our hands, he is now running where he goes!
– He started scrunching his nose and pouting his lip with a little smile behind it when he gets excited. It’s the cutest expression!
– He got less snuggly last month, but this month he’s back to his self and usually stops to give me a few hugs and snuggles no matter how busy he is!
– Speaking of busy, this kid wants to look at EVERYTHING! We’re having to seriously baby proof, and we have to rotate toys and baby safe home objects all the time so he feels like he’s seeing new things. We have hardly any baby toys, and I’m realizing that’s something we need to change. Please see picture below while we tried to take these pictures it was all we could do to keep him away from the candy!

– He’s officially too tall for his swing, and it makes a little sad to be packing it up this month. I see the excersaucer and the bouncer getting put in storage soon too. It’s amazing how what they lived in and you used non-stop can change in only a month a two.
– His appetite is increasing in big ways! He still nurses frequently, eats a puree or a smoothie- or both every day, and he still wants a pancake and what we’re having for dinner. He is also wanting whatever I eat, so at least my portion control is improving because he eats a good amount!
– Bath time is still his favorite thing in the world. He can be crying and we say bath time and he stops and smiles. It’s typically dad’s job, and I love that I hear cute little chattering from the tub and conversations with dad.

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  1. The Girl who Loved to Write says:

    He is SO cute!

  2. Christine Everyday says:

    I can't believe how big he's getting! Love the stories about him and his walker.

  3. Elyse Murray says:

    Until I met my niece, I never noticed how cute babies are when they have just a few teeth but seriously, cuteness overload! This is such a fun age too!

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