9 Months

9 months old

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*As always, I’m behind here and watching my baby turn 1 in a few weeks! We’re going to eek in a few of these so they are documented before then!
9 Months

 29.75 inches, 19 lbs 14 oz
90% height, 37% weight

Things I Never Want to Forget:
– He went swimming for the first time. It was a little cold and he wasn’t so sure about it at first, with a little crying. We pulled him out and then made him try again an hour later gradually taking him in. He LOVED it! Little legs were kicking like crazy under his floaty, and he chatted up a happy little storm! We’ve taken him several times since and he is a big fan!
– He hated his car seat last month after Spain, but he’s loving it again this month. He talks to himself in his mirror, he makes little squawking noises, and he usually wants to bring a stuffed animal he can stroke and chat with when we drive. It’s pretty cute.
– He’s discovering other babies even more. He loves his cousin who is a month older than him, and the two of them steal toys and poke faces and chat at each other for the first time. I can’t wait to see how much more interactive they get!

– Even with teething, we still get mostly sweet days. He loves hanging out with me and being wherever I am. He’s still obsessed with his walker and following me everywhere, including the bathroom.
– Just when we gave up on crawling, I caught him leaning onto his arms and scooting around. He prefers to walk, but if I leave him more than 5 feet away from me you’d better believe he’ll try to crawl.
– He’s such a food lover. We really haven’t found anything he doesn’t love. He’s super open-minded and happy to try anything we’re eating.
– The laughter! He cracks up hard, mostly at dad, particularly when he’s being tickled.

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    I'm also a little behind! Normally I post my son with his milestone cards but time is literally running away with me!

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