A New Look at Fitness

New look on fitness

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I feel like since having a baby I’ve talked so little about fitness and health, and it’s something I’m ready to start sharing more of again! Remember when I posted my goal for 2015 was to Eat More Veggies? Remember when I shared a lot about marathons? Oh how I’m missing these things, and I’ve been amazed how many readers have commented how much they’d love to hear about what I’m doing for fitness and healthy post baby. I’m flattered friends, and I’m ready to talk about eating my veggies and working out again- even if that means I sneak more veggies into my diet, and redefining what I do to work out.

Being a fitness fan and a new mom has been an interesting ride for me. I range from I’m-getting-up-and-running-a-half-marathon-this-morning to I-slept-so-few-hours-last-night-let’s-hope-I-can-walk-to-the-couch. And if I’m being blunt, breastfeeding throws another weird wrench into my running soul’s conundrum- I can only go a few miles before it hurts and it’s time to head home. Not to mention milk supply goes down with too much exercise, so it’s a balancing act of what to do and how much to do for sure!

Regardless of the issues I’m doing my best to lose the last of the baby weight, and fit in fitness wherever I can! I’m grateful for the baby and the opportunity to breastfeed, but finding my balance is something I’m always working on. I’ve found that fitness is more than just logging in the miles every morning, and I can be fit in ways I normally hate to admit I need to. Namely, I can try to eat more healthy and put the sugar cookies down. I run mostly for the food in all honesty, so I’m now learning to make some lifestyle changes and try to eat more healthy.

It all goes back to my New Year’s Resolution in 2015 (which was days before I found out I was pregnant and couldn’t stand veggies the first trimester), I really need to eat more veggies and less processed food and sugar.

I’m doing this by making a lot more smoothies! I love that I can fit in so much more spinach and kale than I can eat just a salad, and it’s really adding so few calories to my diet with a lot more nutrition! I’m eating something that’s sweet like a treat (and I can sub out for a sugar cookie) while still sneaking in my veggies and greens!

I’m also loving that I’ve had a Smoothie King pop up in my area where I can blend more veggies into my diet while still being able to eat out or get a healthy option on the go! And they have four awesome veggies blends: Veggie Avocado Pineapple, Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream, Carrot Kale Dream. I’ve had two so far and really liked them- I’m excited to try the other two!

They have a few cool promotions too- like signing up on their site or using their app for a $2.99 20oz. coupon via email and rewards with the loyalty app!

So there’s my new look on fitness, making it more holistic and less about just logging in miles. And I guess there comes a time in life where we have to admit that maybe sugar cookies are okay to shelf for a while and be replaced with something that actually belongs in one of the food groups!

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