Anniversary #5- Annual Anniversary Questions Answered!

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I kind of love that those who have been long-time readers start to ask me by mid-March if and when our anniversary pictures are coming- you guys are too kind! For those who are newer around here, let me share that we decided it would be fun to take pictures every year around our anniversary to document us aging, our family growing, and highlights of each year. We took them a little after our anniversary this year, and our photographer is a dear family friend who had a crazy month, so we told her to put us last and she still managed to get them only a few weeks later! They are coming friends, watch out for Thursday and Friday posts!

In the meantime, while we’re talking anniversary, I thought it would be fun to post another tradition we do, where we ask each other the same questions every year and document thoughts and feelings about our lives, each other, and our marriage.

Here’s the lowdown on year number five!

1. What has brought you closer together this year?

He Said: That little creature. We sometimes call him Mack, Mr. Mack, Mack Baby, Mackster, Mack Man, et. al. He’s pretty much given us no choice but to grow closer to each other at the same time.

She Said: Becoming parents, and a miracle pregnancy. We’ve dealt with heartache with infertility for so long it has been really amazing to have the joy of getting a positive and still supporting each other through the uncertainty with treatments and shots the first trimester. But oh how that little boy brought so much more love into our lives!

2. What is your favorite memory of this year together?

He Said: See #1. Aka Baby Mack, boy, The Little Man, I Got My Baby Mack Baby Mack Baby Mack, etc.

She Said: I’ll never forget Jacob looking at Mack for the first time! He was the most protective father, he kissed him the moment he went into his arms, and he stayed by his side in the hospital 24/7. I’d heard it takes time for fathers to bond, but it honestly took less than two seconds, and I’ll never forget that sweet memory that made me fall in love with husband even more!

3. If you could relive any day from this last year, what day would it be?

He Said: Probably September 22nd. Definitely not September 21st.

She Said: Probably our second day in Rome. I absolutely loved all the history we were able to see, the gelato we ate, the amazing meals, the quality time, and did I mention the gelato?

4. What’s been the best thing about being married?

He Said: Starting a family…I’m sensing a theme here.

She Said: Watching how lucky our little guy is to be a home with two parents who love each other and love him. Seriously, hats off to all single parents, what a difficult thing to experience alone! I’ve loved sharing this journey with someone I love and someone who is the best father to his little boy!

5. Any surprises you’ve learned about or experienced from your spouse?

He Said: You’re serious struggle to know whether to stay home full time or continue your job. I thought you would be more decisive one way or the other. I’m so glad that you can be as passionate as you are about so many things, but I wish it would have been easier for you to navigate.

She Said: I always knew he was supportive, but I’ve been amazed just how supportive he has been. Keep working full-time? Great, if that’s your dream! Stay at home- okay, that would be cool too! I can’t even tell you how many business ideas get thrown around either and he’s always like, that could be amazing! I love that he listens to my dreams and I’ve been shocked to see that he never tires of hearing of them!

6. What’s a bonus quality you didn’t realize your spouse had that surfaced this year?

He Said: How strong you were through the whole pregnancy. You were a trooper from day one, rarely complaining, and then delivery. Whoa!

She Said: I knew he’d be a good dad, I had no idea he’d be amazing! He takes care of the baby in every way he can, and he takes care of me too. I didn’t realize I’d get such an equal partner in parenting.

7. If you could do anything different this year, what would you do?

He Said: Planned Christmas presents better. Who knew he would take up so much time that even making a quick shopping trip would be hard to find the time for?

She Said: In all honesty I wish I’d blogged more of our personal memories. Believe it or not I don’t share everything, and when Jacob gave me our blog published as a book for Christmas I was a little sad to see that I didn’t blog some travels, I missed some dates, and there was some experiences that I wish were better documented. I’m doing my best to make up for it this year and share a little more!

8. What is something you’ve learned from your spouse in the past year?

He Said: Dedication. You were so incredibly dedicated to your job, and Mack, that I think it made your decision so much harder.

She Said: We’re always going to be changing and evolving, it’s important to support each other and prioritize each other so you can change and grow together.

9. How have your feelings changed this past year?

He Said: Whoa…can you say L- is for the way you look at me. O- is you’re the only one for me. V- is very very extraordinary. E- is even more than something something I adore…Did I get that right, mostly?

She Said: They’ve got a lot deeper for sure! I’ve heard it said you fall in love with your spouse the first time when you date, and you fall in love the second time when you see them become a parent. That’s certainly held true for us!

10. What is something you’ve done this year that has worked really well, or something you’ve learned that you’d give as advice for newlyweds on their wedding day?

He Said: Travel. And then travel some more. Do what you have to to be able to take some time away and see new things with your partner.

She Said:I know it’s cliche for us, but really make dating a priority! Get in the habit now because it does it harder when you have children, and setting that foundation is so important! I’m so glad we have the memories of dates before the baby and glad we still date and make time for each other after.

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  1. The Girl who Loved to Write says:

    I love this! So sweet to have these to look back on!

  2. Rachel Stocki says:

    So sweet! An annual check in is fun to read for us, but even more special to you guys. 🙂