Back-To-School Whim

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Date Info: 
Back to School Shopping
Price: Free- Cost of Purchases
Location: Any mall

We are not the type of people to do things on a whim, that must be prefaced. We were friends for seven months before dating, it just takes us that long to sort out the best plan. So, you can imagine when it came Friday and there was a list of options to choose from they had been well crafted and planned out. Only something unexpected happened. There was this very little bonus I forgot I would be getting for state testing passing rates in the state. As a teacher, a bonus is a rare thing that you just don’t expect to happen often. It was nothing amazing, but enough to say wow we have a little extra change.
We’ve both made the comment that Jacob needs some new work pants, I likes to buy a back-to-school outfit or two, and something amazing happened- I had an interview for my dream job with my dream company. Maybe going back to teenage days and doing some back-to-school shopping was just the whimsical date we needed. That extra amount seemed to be the sign that some new work clothes and a whimsical trip to the Anthem Outlets in AZ were in our future. When it was mentioned, we both agreed that we could leave right then and there and go.
So we did!

Sometimes long drives are the perfect thing. They force you to talk and really dig deep into conversations. The 1 hour drive each way definitely made us discuss future career plans and big “what-ifs” with interviews and future school plans.

And how can any date be bad that ends in amazing deals, interview attire success, and your favorite store as an outlet?

Sometimes whimsical is a very good thing! Maybe we will try it more often.

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