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Jacob and I had plans to spend a date night cooking together this week, imagine my delight to be contacted with the opportunity to write about Fry’s Food – our neighborhood grocery store that we frequent regularly, and plan a date night surrounding food purchased at Fry’s.

We went with a backyard barbecue theme, because guess what, it’s gorgeous in Phoenix right now and a little unseasonably warm this week. We figured it was the perfect time to put together a grill based menu and enjoy a romantic night on the back patio.
Since we have no patio at the moment, we headed to my parent’s house for a double date.

Jacob and I planned the menu by checking out the Fry’s weekly ad, looking at their app (they always have useful coupons), and consulting our favorite grilling cookbook.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Valentine’s Day, (Hi, I’m Camille, I’m a project manager for a living and it transfers over into my personal life too), and I keep thinking about romantic dinners at home. So if that thought and Jacob’s desire for an amazing Southwest burger and hot dog had a baby, that would be the menu you put together for this outing.

We decided grilled salmon with grilled asparagus for the romantic, and Bobby Flay’s Nacho Burger for the one craving spicy things. We compromised on the grilled sweet potato wedges. At that point we made the list, and headed over to our super close and very convenient Fry’s.

 I adore that they have a decent organic section, and my inner econ nerd loves that they support local farmers and boast of it. Team USA/Arizona for the win!
I also love the variety. Seriously, we have found pretty much any ingredient we have ever wanted at Fry’s and we cook some pretty exotic things from time to time like this!
I love that I lost Jacob for several minutes only to find him in the bread section looking for hamburger buns. And if you want a good time, take stalking pictures of your spouse selecting bread. I kind of loved all the looks I got when I would emerge with my DSLR from around a corner and snap some shots. For the record, I have only stalked him while married!


We used our well loved and worn VIP card and checked out, ready to get to work prepping for the big event!
First thing first, we boiled sweet potatoes for about 8 minutes. You want them just undercooked. Then cut them into wedges/fries, brush on olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning salt. When it’s grill time you do about 3 minutes on each side. These are some of our favorite things!


Next up was the salmon. If you marinade for hours you can just put the skin on the grill, but if you are doing it more last minute I’d make a tin foil bed like this one, and pour the marinade thick on top. If this could be a Valentine’s Day meal for you, check out this marinade– it’s my favorite!
Also can I say how much I love that they have wild caught salmon? I’ve read a lot lately about farm raised, no bueno! But if you’re on a tight budget they have it too!
We then had a great time chopping. We’re both fans of fresh produce and feel lucky to have parents that gardened and taught us a lot about produce and eating healthy.
We made Bobby Flay’s chipotle honey salsa and avocado slaw from his cookbook. Both excellent, but both a lot of chopping!



 And last but not least, there was asparagus blanching and grilling- my favorite!
And this really is my cooking element. How did I eat before a grill, I’m really not sure?


We also set up the table fit for the occasion!
And it slowly started filling up with side dishes.
And my favorite person too!
We were delighted with the outcome- great ingredients, great recipes!


 Um, can you tell the low-carb plate? It always cracks me up to compare Jacob’s (above) with mine (below)! Just another thing I love, we can always find stuff that fits both our dietary needs.

Don’t worry though, I wasn’t totally deprived. I went light on the carbs so I could enjoy dessert. And here’s my favorite discovery at Fry’s, and one of my best tips for those who like to entertain. If you need an easy dessert that still wows party guests, you can find these individual portions of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream- they are so cute!

 Tie a spoon on it and bam, great dessert with two seconds worth of effort. Err, if you can tie things well, it may have taken me two minutes, but I’ll take it!
It never ceases to amaze me how good food qualifies as one awesome date! We seriously enjoyed planning, prepping, and of course eating together!


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  1. Relief Society says:

    oh my goodness, that hamburger looks amazing! I am salivating!

  2. I'm totally the same way!

  3. Miss Riss says:

    All of this looks so good!!! Sometimes I stop at other grocery stores if they're more convenient to where I am at the moment (i.e. on my way home from work, etc.) but we always do our shopping at Fry's cause they really have the lowest prices!!

  4. HAHA, you totally should Megan! I'd love to meet you in person 🙂
    And totally love Fry's, they always have great stuff!

  5. Kate please feel free to rub in your awesome weather in July when we are dying of heat stroke 🙂

  6. So beautiful! I'm almost dreading what's to come since we only have a little time left!

  7. What a great blessing- healthy cravings! Congrats on the baby!

  8. I agree- the process is so fun! Thanks for commenting!

  9. Megan Tenney says:

    I see four places…next time I'm coming over!! The food looks fantastic. So cute that you shopped and cooked together. I love Fry's- best prices for sure!

  10. YUM! Everything looks so delicious and I'm jealous of your weather and being able to eat outside!
    Sounds like you had a great date night with your hubs!

  11. Kate Eschbach / Songs Kate Sang says:

    Isn't the weather beautiful right now?! Everything looks delicious!

  12. Laura Railing says:

    What an awesome idea for date night! I've never thought of doing that! I love that you found something you both would loce! I am totally drooling over the sweet potatoes and asparagus. Mmm. I guess the prego side of me is wanting the good stuff!

  13. Monika Baptista says:

    I think it's always better to make a meal together for a date night. It make the whole process so much more fun and rewarding. All the food looks so good, thanks for sharing!