Bisbee, AZ: Morning Adventures

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So some Bed and Breakfasts don’t serve breakfast…ironic no? Don’t worry, we had our own kitchenette, and it was actually pretty fun to make breakfast together. We don’t usually have time to do this, and there’s something about making food somewhere other than your house that makes it so…romantic. I think it’s like being a kid when you got to play at someone else’s house, it just seemed to be cooler and more exciting for really no logical reason.
We came prepped so we didn’t spend a lot of time cooking, and it worked great! Make any pancake batter (we made one from that was really simple with oil so it would transport fairly well).

 Then we cut a hole in the bag to make pouring it easy and not messy.

And made a pancake like this

 And then added some blueberries to make them amazing!

 A little berries and blueberry syrup make for a great whole wheat breakfast to start out a great exploring date!

Which is what we did next. Who knew exploring a small, quirky, quaint, town with so much history could be so much fun? There is everything from remnants of the Old West, to modern culture, to the era of “hippies and artists” (tour guide’s words) and anything else you can think of. I think my pictures explain better than I ever could:

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    you guys are SO cute & i love your blog. just wanted you to know!