Brunching- the Perfect New Parent Date

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Our favorite date while dating with a newborn has been brunching. We feed him, he wakes up from a morning nap, and we head off for some good eats during his happiest time of the day.
The Crepe Bar in Tempe is our favorite spot as of late, and it’s one we know we have to get our hipster on because it’s just too cool for words and the entire place is Instagramming their food.

Something about just holding hands and not having to prep the food makes for a very romantic time that’s super convenient with the baby.

We go with one sweet and one savory crepe and split the two- it’s always a winner.


I love that we dress up a little for these dates, and I’m also loving our Christmas presents of Jord wood watches- they look so effortlessly cool and mine is helping me feel like an adult with style instead of a mom covered in spit-up.

Plus, breakfast food is my love language and when I pair that with my two favorite boys and an opportunity to wear make-up, it really does equal the perfect new-parent date.

*Watches c/o  JORD Wooden Watches

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  1. These pictures are perfection!! We love brunch dates as well. Life is so much harder to schedule with a baby. We'd always schedule our dinner dates so that when our food came, Bensen would be taking his half hour dinner nap. He doesn't take those anymore…. now he just screams and babbles to the entire restaurant… hahaha

  2. Katie Adams says:

    We need to try this! We have a three month old and we've been out to all meals so far, but I think breakfast is where it's at.