Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas: Gifts They’ll Actually Use and Love!

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This Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas post is sponsored by Happy Cards® but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

I love gift-giving, and I even feel like I have a talent for finding the perfect gift for the perfect person! But any superpower I was blessed with in the gifting area can be debunked in seconds when I’m thrown into a Christmas gift exchange.

What is a Christmas Gift Exchange?

The concept behind the holiday gift exchange is simple: instead of buying for a group of people, you purchase one gift for one person. These usually take place within large families, or in a work setting.

Sometimes they look like a white elephant gift exchange, where gifts are a surprise and anyone could end up with any item. Often, names are drawn or assigned. You may know who you’re buying for in advance, and you also may have no idea.

Can you see my conundrum? When it’s someone I don’t know very well, or I have no idea who will get the gift, I panic and try so hard to find something I think most people will love.

I’m pleased to report, I have the perfect item! Behold, the white elephant gift idea everyone will want to end up with!


The Best Christmas Gift Exchange Gift

There’s one gift we absolutely love to give that is always a smash hit! Seriously, the thank you notes, and the aggressive choosing of this present always reveals itself as the perfect gift!

Have you heard of Happy Cards®? It’s about the most brilliant concept to come to gift cards ever! Happy Cards® is a new type of gift card that feature restaurants, retailers, and entertainment venues all in one gift card. Seriously, there’s something for everyone! That means lots of date opportunities to eat, shop and play at any of the brands featured on a single card, which is always our favorite thing to gift!

They make several options, so you can buy a teen card, a dining card, or one of the other Happy Cards® so you’re all set with Christmas Gift Exchange ideas.

I love that there are options on each card, so your recipient can choose their favorite place to eat or things to do without the pressure of gifting something they may not enjoy. It puts the fun and choices in their hands!

They’re available at Gift Card Mall displays at retailers nationwide, and online at Plus hello no activation fees and they can even be a last-minute wedding gift if you need one!

I love grabbing a simple card that’s blank inside to explain the gift. I also love reminding them it will help make the season bright with the option to choose what they are most excited about!

Giveaway Time! 

Happy Cards® also wants to help you get out and have more fun with this perfect gift card gift idea! So, I am giving away a Happy Cards® gift card to one lucky winner!

All it takes to enter: Follow @fridaywereinlove and @givehappycards on Instagram. Come leave a comment here (or over on the IG giveaway post, or BOTH!) letting me know you’re following us both and excited about the giveaway!

The giveaway runs now until December 18th, with the winner announced over on Instagram. You don’t want to miss this!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Happy Cards® .


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